How Do I Send A Video From An iPhone To An Android Phone?


AirDrop is an amazing feature on the iPhone and other iOS devices. With just some clicks on the screen, pictures, notes, contact information and other types of data can be shared. AirDrop even lets iOS devices to share huge files, like videos, asap and easily.

The one problem here is that the AirDrop feature can only be used on iOS devices. Meaning, if you wish to share a clip with an Android owner, you will need to do it some other way. Below is how you can go about it:

How Can I Send A Video From An iPhone To An Android Device Via Email Or Text?

If you are attempting to send a clip from an iPhone to an Android phone and the video is less than fifteen to twenty seconds long, it can be sent as an attachment through email or text. The email size restriction is twenty megabytes for some platforms and twenty-five MB for others, but in several cases, brief videos will go through without any issues.

SMSes can handle quicker video attachments and are always more comfortable than email, even if they also have restrictions, especially when you are using a text or MMS format – iMessages can take care of a lot of huge file transfers.

How Can I Send A Longer Video From An iPhone To An Android Phone Using A Cloud Service?

There are several cloud services available, but Google Drive is the best option because, it is simple to use and it will cost you no cash, except for your data.

If you wish to share a file from your iPhone to an Android device through Google Drive, simply get the Google Drive app installed or launch it if you are using it already.

  • In the Google Drive application, press the colourful plus (+) symbol at the bottom right corner, then click “Upload.”
  • After that, select “Photos and Videos” and then locate the clip you wish to send from your iPhone library.
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  • Get the file uploaded, then find the clip in your Google Drive by searching for recent files.
  • Click the 3 dots close to the file, choose share, and then type in the email address of the Android owner.

How Can I Send A Video From iPhone To Android Using Another 3rd-Party App?

The Send Anywhere application simplifies the process of sharing videos (and other files) from iPhone to Android.

Simply get the free application installed, let it access your media library, and then find the clip you wish to send. Click the circle to the left of the clip, select it and then tap Send.

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The application will generate a 6-digit code and then start to search for devices that are closeby. Immediately one is found, like your buddy’s Android device, he or she will be asked to make use of the same code, and then the transfer will begin.


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