How Do I Set An Alarm On My iPad?


iPad users are allowed to set several alarms on their devices. They can be customized to repeat on certain days of the week. Even if you can set alarms via the Clocks application, you can also activate or deactivate your alarms by saying one or two things to Siri.

However, for the customization of your alarm’s tone and repeats, you need to make use of the iPad’s Clock application. Let’s show you how:

How Can I Set An Alarm On My iPad With The Clock App?

  •  Click on the Clock app’s icon to access it – it resembles a clock.
  • Click the “Alarm” icon in the toolbar way down on the screen.
  • Click on the + sign in the upper right corner.
  • A fresh menu will be visible and it will let you choose what time you wish to set the alarm for.

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  • You can even set it up to keep ringing on specific days. (For instance, the same time all through the week.) by clicking “Repeat” and choosing the days you want for it to go off.

  • Click “Save” in the top-right to add your new alarm.
  • On the alarm screen, you can deactivate any alarm by clicking their switch.

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  • To edit or delete an alarm, click “Edit” in the top-right corner and then choose the alarm you wish to edit.

How Can I Set An Alarm Using Siri?

  • Enable Siri by holding down your iPad’s home button. Alternatively, if you have it activated, simply say, “Hey, Siri.”
  • Immediately Siri starts listening, say “Siri, set an alarm.”
  • Siri will ask to know the time you wish the alarm to be set for.
  • Voice out the time. And your alarm will be set for that time. To personalize the settings to repeat, you will have to edit it with your Clock app. Siri can also be used to enable an alarm you’ve already set.
  • If you wish to activate an alarm, simply say, “Siri, turn on alarm.”
  • Siri will prompt you to click which alarm you wish to activate. Click that one.
  • You have now activated your alarm.


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