How Do I Turn GIFs Into A Wallpaper For My Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Series 5 1
Apple Watch Series 5 1

As I searched for fresh and fun wallpapers for my Apple Watch, I stumbled on a Reddit post that showed an Apple Watch wallpaper that was created from a GIF. You might need this mainly because iOS’ default time-lapse wallpapers appeared dull or the Live Photos you shoot with your smartphone are not as fun as some of the glitch art you will see online.

The process required is quite easy and straightforward. To expatiate on this, lemme break things down:

How To Turn GIFs Into A Wallpaper For Your Apple Watch?

  1. Head to the Apple Store and get the application that allows you to turn GIFs into Live Photos downloaded. A popular app like Giphy is okay, because it will not just give you access to the several GIFs available, but it is also home to a built-in option for saving its GIFs as Live Photos.
  2. Locate a GIF or a Live Photo you wish to use as your Apple Watch wallpaper and have it saved to your Photos app.
  3. As soon as you save the image, head to your Photos library, choose your newly saved Live Photo, and tap “Edit” in the top right corner.
  4. Make the final frame of the Live Photo your main photo.
  5. Head to the Watch application on your iPhone to aid the creation of a new watchface based on an image.
  6. Choose the second tab named Face Gallery, then swipe down until you reach the Photos section. Beneath Content, choose Photos. That will help you to choose a particular picture rather than an entire album. Choose your preferred Live Photo right there.
  7. Finally, add the watchface to your watch and have it test it.

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Be aware that if the animation fails to work properly, this could mean that it is not as short as it should be. If that is the case, just trim it with your preferred editing app.

Also, note that some GIFs will do a better job than others. For instance, Live Photos with forty-two frames, and GIFs with more movement, like fireworks or lightning, will function better than you expect.


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