How Do I Use Notification Light Colors On Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

If you are very observant, you must’ve noticed that anytime you receive a notification on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, or another Samsung phone, a flashing light comes with it as well.

If you pay attention real good, you will also know there are several colors and flash in several patterns for different notifications. And these features are very vital especially if you are aware of they all mean.

They are referred to as notification colors, and if you have no idea what they stand for, lets hope this article sheds more light on that for you.

This tutorial is strictly for Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but it should apply to other Samsung phones as well since the phone company has been consistent with their its notification lights on their other devices.

The notification colors are always visible by the round LED light that is usually seen in the top left corner of your Samsung Galaxy phone. This LED indicator can reveal various colors like Red, Blue and Green.

Lets discover what every LED indicator color stands for so that whenever you view them on your phone, you will know what they mean.

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What The Notification Colors Stand For On Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

  1. Pulsing Blue Light: This means your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is switching off.
  2. Blinking Blue Light: This tells you that there is a notification you have not seen. It could be an SMS or a call you missed. It can also blink if a voice recording is going on.
  3. Steady Red Light: This means you must’ve connected the phone to the charger and it is currently charging.
  4. Blinking Red Light: This indicates that the charger is connected but the phone is not charging. A red blink could also be seen if your battery is low.
  5. Steady Green Light: This indicates that the charger is no longer useful because the phone is completely charged.
  6. Blinking Green Light: This indicates that the phone is fully charged. (The red and green lights basically reveal general info about the battery.)

More Notifications On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The ones i broke down above are not the only notification colors that will be visible on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Other colors like pink, white, and purple exist as well. These added colors will blink or glow on your phone when a notification comes in from 3rd-party applications.

For example, if WhatsApp is on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, any notification from WhatsApp will be indicated by a blinking white LED indicator.

Just know that anytime you see that your LED indicator is revealing a different color from the regular ones on your Samsung phone, it is most likely from a 3rd party application.

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How Can I Disable Notification Colors On My Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

  1. Access Apps folder on your home screen.
  2. Click “Settings.”
  3. What you will do after that will depend on the options that is available on your display. It depends on the Android OS you are running on.)
  4. Normally, you need to choose either “Display” or “Sound and Notification.”
  5. Now choose “LED indicator” from the list of options shown to you.
  6. Make use of the ON/OFF slider to disable this feature. Or ensure the check box for this feature is ticked.

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