How To Activate The New Gestures In The Android Q Beta?


Android Q’s 3rd developer preview came with various fresh features, and one of those features are the amazing iPhone-like gestures. Immediately they are enabled, the home button will no longer be visible. Instead, you will scroll up to head home. And for navigation via applications, simply swipe left or right on your display to do whatever you want.

After using it for sometime, you will surely fancy how seamless switching between iOS 12 and Android Q is. Some do not still like the gestures though, agreed, but we all know that is way things are initially with fresh features.

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If you intend to try these gestures, we have highlighted the steps that have to be adhered to below. But before beginning anything, ensure the most recent Android Q beta software is installed on your smartphone. It is accessible on every Pixel device and some other devices.


  1. Launch the Settings application then head to “System”
  2. As soon as you get there, tap “Gestures” and then click “System navigation.”
  3. Ensure “Fully gestural navigation,” is enabled which will aid the replacement of navigation buttons with a long, thin line at the bottom of your display.

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If going back to the 2 or 3-button layout is what you want, just adhere to the same instructions once more to switch back.


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