How To Activate Your Straight Talk Phone

Activate Straight Talk Phone
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For those that care to know, there are two simple ways to activate Straight talk, and they are very straightforward and uncomplicated for potential customers. If you love the brand and you wish to be a part of it, this tutorial will help break down how to get started.

The Straight talk can be activated in the official Straight talk site, or via reaching out to Straight talk customer care, and without going through these processes, it’ll be impossible to use your Straight talk SIM or phone.

It might seem easy to activate your Straightalk device, but it definitely takes more than just a simple step. In this tutorial, we’ll break down how activating your Straight talk phone and SIM can be done seamlessly, and you must ensure your phone IMEI or series number are close by because they might be required. See How To Activate Your Straight Talk Phone/SIM:

Activate Straight Talk Phone
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What Is Straight Talk?

The Straight Talk device was launched by TracFone and Walmart, and this contactless mobile phone has 2 different plans to choose from, the $30 and $45 plan. Each of these plans has different caps, $30 will last for about 1,000 minutes in 30 days while the $45 Straight talk phone plan offers unlimited access to calls, data, and messages within one month of the active subscription.

To activate, you simply have to head to the web portal to provide your Straight talk phone or SIM details.

How Can I Activate Straight Talk Via Website?

  1. Head to your SIM card package and locate the red Straight Talk activation code that came with it. This comes with the serial number to use to activate the Straight talk phone or SIM, rather than the serial number of your previous phone.
  2. Check the back of the Straight Talk service plan card and you’d find the service PIN. If you buy the activation kit from Walmart, it will either be the $30 or $45 plan. Or you can just buy the activation kit during the activation process.
  3. Once you get your SIM, head to Type in the SIM IMEI or MEID or Serial Number from the red card activation kit if you bought the phone or SIM from TracFone and click “Continue” to proceed.
  4. Enter the last 15 digits if you purchased the SIM from TracFone for your phone. Type MEID if you bought your phone from Walmart or from the official Straight talk site.
  5. Type in your Zip code, and make sure it is the Zipcode to your main residence.
  6. Provide your service PIN, this is for those who bought a plan from either Walmart or TracFone or straight from the Straight talk site.
    If you didn’t, tap the credit card option to pay for your choice of service.
  7. Follow the process to create your Straight talk account. To ensure you’re not disconnected from the service, select automatic renewal for your monthly subscription.
  8. When you reach the confirmation page, put your SIM card in your device and hold on for some hours. Your Straight talk SIM will be activated in less than 48 hours, and you’ll be able to start making calls.
Activate Straight Talk Phone
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How Can I Activate Straight Talk Activate Via Customer Care?

To activate Straight talk phone or SIM, simply reach out to the company’s customer care rep via 1-877-430-CELL (2355) on a different phone and request information on how activation can happen. You’ll definitely be attended to, and you should be an activated customer in no time.

That is that.


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