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How to add a profile picture for iMessage groups

Although iMessage has long offered the possibility of creating group conversations, only with iOS 14 the possibility of adding a photo that identifies it has been introduced. Precisely for this reason, today we are going to see how to choose and insert a profile photo for iMessage groups

Select a profile picture in iMessage groups

The iMessage groups can include three different elements within the “profile photo”– letters, an emoji or, obviously, an image (taken on the spot or taken from the gallery). Let’s see how to do it right away. 

  • Open the “Messages” app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • Select the group to edit
  • Click on the group name at the top and then on “info”
  • Continue with “Choose a name and a photo”
  • Choose whether to take a photo on the spot, choose it from the library, add an emoji or letters
  • Select the element to insert, resize it and click on “Choose”
  • Choose (if necessary) an effect to add and click on “Finish”

From this moment on, the image will appear correctly within the group and can be modified at any time by repeating the same steps seen above. 

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