How To Add Earrings To Your Bitmoji

We all adore emojis and use them from time to time on social media. The way they easily replace words during our interactions with our friends and loved ones is amazing and praiseworthy. In fact, nowadays, we never shy away from showing our emotional side on the internet because there is an emoji for all kinds of emotions.

As you already know, when it comes to emojis, Bitmoji is a name that rings a bell. It was invented by a struggling company that was eventually bought by Snapchat and the platform simply lets users create small graphical avatars that combine emoji with cartoons, thereby allowing them to express themselves in a unique manner.

However, are you aware that Bitmoji can also be personalized? If you did not know, customization is very much allowed and users can even add earrings to their Bitmoji to give it more style. To expatiate, see How To Add Earrings To Your Bitmoji:

How Can I Add An Earring To My Bitmoji?

Immediately after creating your Bitmoji, as long as you chose Bitstrips rather than default Bitmoji, your avatar can be customized however you deem fit. Users can even change their gender and other aspects of their cartoon characters. In this tutorial, Avatar Designer will be used to make any changes.

One well-known customization involves adding an earring to a Bitmoji and the instructions involved are pretty straightforward. Just:

  • Launch the Bitmoji application and choose your avatar at the bottom. (Ensure your Bitmoji is in Bitstrips style.)
Add Earrings To Bitmoji
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  • Slide the item slider way down on your screen to choose earrings.
  • Choose the earrings you wish to wear.
  • Save your changes.

You can personalize Bitmoji avatars too, but you have to convert them to Bitstrips or Bitmoji Deluxe to make it happen. Do this:

  • Choose the settings cog menu icon in the Bitmoji application, it is seen in the upper right-hand corner.
Add Earrings To Bitmoji
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  • Choose “Change Avatar Style.”
Add Earrings To Bitmoji
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  • Scroll to the left and choose “Bitstrips.”
  • Make any alterations needed and tap “Save.”

How Can I Change My Bitmoji Clothes?

  • Launch the Bitmoji Application on your phone.
  • Click “Avatar” in the lower left-hand corner.
  • Swipe along the bottom until “Outfits” is visible. It resembles a hanger.
  • Click on the outfit you would want to show.
  • Click “Save” in the upper right-hand corner.

That is that.

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