How To Add Favorites On Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Guide)

Samsung galaxy Note 9 Forbes
Samsung galaxy Note 9 Forbes

Want to know how to add favorites on Samsung Galaxy Note 9? Read on. You should know that most, if not all Android users have hundreds of contacts saved on their phones. These contacts are sorted alphabetically for easy identification. To be honest, google as well as other phone manufacturers have really tried with the contacts app on most Android. Almost all contacts apps have put features in places in order to help us get to the phone number we are looking for, faster than usual.

Before contacts, all we had was a phone book where we write down all the phone numbers of people we know. It was a good way to keep phone numbers, but there came problems like getting the number on time. Let’s say you want to call someone, knowing the exact page in the phone book you wrote down the number can easily become a Herculean task. Taking unnecessary time before seeing it, sometimes on the last page.

With most Contacts app, it has been sorted alphabetically automatically. So all you have to do is scroll to the first letter of the person name or search for the person’s name. This is obviously a lot faster than using a phone book as you can get any number on your phone in seconds. However, if you have a lot of contacts, scrolling through them all might not be idle. Especially if you have a handful of people, you call frequently.

You can simply add those you frequently call to favorites, people like your spouse, parents, siblings, children or colleagues. This will definitely make things easier and ultimately reduce the time you spend to search for contacts.

How To Add Favorites On Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Guide)

Steps to Add Favorites On Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is pretty easy, and you won’t be needing a third-party party app for it. All you need is the stock contacts app.

  • Locate and Open the Phone App from the App Drawer.
  • Click on Contacts to view your contacts list.

  • Now, there are two ways to add a contact to favorites. You can either tap the Star Icon at the front of the contact or just Click on the Contact and Tap on the Star Icon.

  • Once you tap the icon, the contacts will immediately be added to your favorites.

  • Do that for other contacts you wish to add to the favorites list.

That’s how you add favorites on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Contacts are also sorted alphabetically in the favorites category.



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