How To Adjust SmartThings Settings On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

samsung galaxy note 9 concept design 153156076850
samsung galaxy note 9 concept design 153156076850

Looking for ways to adjust SmartThings Settings on Samsung Galaxy Note 9? Look No Further. We have all you need.

As you already know or don’t know, Samsung’s SmartThings lets you connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with other Samsung smart devices you have at home. All the smart devices work together to make your home even smarter. What this means is that you get to control, let’s say your bulb or speaker via your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Smartphone. Thanks to the SmartThings App.

For you to get the very best out of SmartThings on your Samsung Galaxy device, you’ll have to adjust or rather customize its settings. We all have different preferences when it comes to settings so it’s only normal that we get to adjust them to suit our style. The SmartThings is easy to find the settings menu but we will be giving you a few pointers to get you started.

How To Adjust SmartThings Settings On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

To access the SmartThings Settings, Simply touch More Options >> Settings. From here, you can then adjust or customize the settings the way you want.

  • Samsung Account lets you access and manages your Samsung account.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth auto on turns on Bluetooth and WiFi automatically as soon as you open the SmartThings app so it can discover devices

  • Visible to devices makes your device discoverable. Allowing other devices to find your phone by using Bluetooth low energy scanning.

  • Accept Invitation (QR Code) allows you to view and also control other smart devices within your location just by scanning its QR code.

  • With Cloud Control You can monitor and control Cloud-Connected Devices over the internet. However, this will result in additional charges if you use mobile data.

  • SmartThings Panel brings the SmartThings Panel to the notification panel/shade for easier and quick access.

  • Auto Update Device controllers Downloads and installs updates automatically for the different devices controllers you’re Connected to.

  • Use Location Information Makes use of your phone’s Location to determine your location for automatons.

  • Update WiFi Information Updates the WiFi information on your devices if and when your Wi-Fi’s network name and/or Password.

  • Accounts allows you to manage different accounts linked to SmartThings.

  • About SmartThings Checks the app version and updates when an update is available.


That is how you adjust SmartThings Settings on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Still got questions about the SmartThings settings that wasn’t explained in this article? Let us know by dropping a comment down below in the comment section.


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