How To Auto-Reply Texts Or Calls In iPhone


If you are always on the road in your car and do not like taking too long to respond to your text messages, it is possible to have the iPhone reply the texter itself. This is a big relief for people that have friends that are not patient in any way and conclude you are shunning them if they send you a message and receive no reply in about an hour. This article will let you know how to autoreply your text messages and phone calls on your iPhone.

Every one of us has clients that hate to wait too long for a response when they message you. How about the risky situation of pissing an employer off for the same thing? This is where auto-reply can be useful. They can be set up for email and texts but we will be focusing on SMSs in this article.

Because of several experiences, while driving, I will cover how to auto-reply to texts and how to prevent yourself from receiving text as you drive.

Setting Up Auto-Reply On iPhone

It has to be done the right way to get the desired result. It is built in iOS should it will not take your time.

Firstly, let’s include Do Not Disturb in the Control Center to make management easier.

  1. Select Settings and Control Center on your iPhone.
  2. Select Do Not Disturb and include it in the Control Center.

You will then be allowed to turn DND on or off when you need it. After this, we must set up the message and reply settings.

  1. Open Settings and Do Not Disturb on your device.
  2. Choose Auto-Reply.
  3. Type the message that will be sent to the person that reaches out to you.
  4. Select All Contacts, Recents or Favorites to respond to.

As soon as it is configured, to auto-reply to SMS, activate Do Not Disturb.

Let your auto-reply message be something brief and cool. It should be something like “Apologies. I am not available currently. I will reply to your message as soon as I can.” This should do it for your pals, colleagues, and employers whenever they text you.

You are able to set up various canned replies if you to choose to but you can only make use of a single one at a particular time.

Auto-Reply For Phonecalls On iPhone

Are you aware that the auto-reply is also effective for calls on your smartphone? It functions in an identical manner as the one for SMSs. If you do not fancy letting the phone ring out or you do not want to engage in having your callers face voicemail., an auto-reply is the right remedy. It is not automatic though because you will have to choose a message when a call is incoming. But that is preferable to actually picking it.

To set it up,

  1. Head to Settings
  2. Select the Phone app and choose Respond with Text
  3. Choose a canned reply and customize it to suit that you will naturally say.

Now, when you see a call coming in, select Message on top of the Accept button on your iPhone to respond with the canned reply you just worked on. Just choose a message in the popup window, confirm and you are done.

Unlike auto-reply for SMSs, you are able to select from lots of canned replies to calls. You can select a reply in a manual way when you click Message to choose the response you will go with depending on who the caller is.

Prevent Call Or Text While You Drive

If you are on a busy road that requires your hundred percent focus, what you will hate the most at that particular time is a call or text message from someone. The Do Not Disturb button we touched on earlier is useful here. Your iPhone device has a particular setting for Do Not Disturb as you drive and it can be used in this case.

Before anything, let’s add it to Control Center.

  1. Head to Settings.
  2. Select Control Center and Customize Controls.
  3. Select the car icon close to Do Not Disturb as while Driving and have it added.
  4. As you drive, swipe up to reveal the Control Center and choose the car icon to activate the Do Not Disturb While Driving. After doing this, your iPhone will recognize it and will no longer disturb you with calls or text messages.


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