How to automatically turn WiFi on and off on Android

Android Wifi
Android Wifi

In this guide, we will see how to automatically turn on or off the wifi connection of an android phone depending on where we are, based on our position or at a scheduled time.

While iOS is an operating system, recognized by all, well optimized, Android remains the king of customization and functionality. Thanks to the freedom offered by Google’s operating system, we can, among other things, automatically enable or disable the WiFi of your mobile phone based on your location. 

Many people after connecting to a WiFi network, leave this function active on their device which, by continuing to search for new networks, consumes the battery of the phone.

To prevent your load from going into these small energy losses, there are applications designed in such a way that when you leave a WiFi location, this tool automatically turns off and does not turn on again until you are in a new place where there is another previously registered Wi-Fi network.

And perhaps it would not be advisable to be able to disable Wi-Fi when the mobile phone screen is off or from a specific time of night? In short, the ideal here would be to have more control over when the Wi-Fi signal is turned on and off, and that’s exactly what we can do with some applications.

How to automatically disable WiFi when leaving home

Normally we always have the WiFi connection active on our devices so that every time we are close to a previously saved network, our smartphone connects to it. In the event that we move away from that network instead, we automatically start using our data connection. 

This, although very useful and practical, often generates high battery consumption by constantly searching for networks by emitting the WiFi signal.

We can choose 2 options to avoid this additional battery consumption. The first option is to manually disable WiFi every time we don’t use it. The problem with this option is that many times we can get confused and forget to disable this connectivity, so it would be of little use.

The second option is to use the IFTTT app with which we can automatically disable WiFi when we leave home, in addition to a list of almost infinite activities, in order to avoid the waste of battery generated by our phone during the constant search for an open network to connect to.

IFTTT is the best application to automate activities on Android, although it is not so widely used among average users. Its operation is simple, with the most requested and classic functions. Among these, there is the possibility to disable WiFi to save battery when you leave home.

Within this option, we can limit the location of our house or the approximate area where we want WiFi to be disabled.

So as soon as we leave home we will see how our WiFi connection is disabled. A simple trick to save the battery on our Android for free and without more effort thanks to the installation of an application that does everything for us.

How to program the activation and deactivation of wifi on Android automatically

WiFi Automatic is a free tool for Android that allows us to create automations for turning the Wi-Fi signal on and off on Android devices. 

The application is really easy to use and offers a wide range of customizations to decide, for example, when we want the phone’s Wi-Fi receiver to be activated:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi when you unlock your device.
  • Turn on wifi at a certain time of day.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi automatically from time to time (5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, etc.) to scan.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi while charging your phone.
  • Turn on wifi when you access certain locations.

As for the automatic shutdown, we also found some interesting options:

  • Turn off Wi-Fi when the screen turns off.
  • Disable Wi-Fi when your mobile phone is not connected to any network.
  • Automatically turn off Wi-Fi after a certain time of day.

The second app in terms of managing the Wi-Fi network is Auto WiFi. It is a little more complex than WiFi Automatic, although it also offers several interesting utilities.

  • Turn on Wi-Fi when the screen turns on.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi when the screen turns off.
  • Turning off the Wi-Fi signal using a button in the application itself.

One of its most interesting details is that it allows us to set a time limit of a few seconds from when the screen turns off until the signal is deactivated, to avoid accidental stops.

In addition, it also allows you to create scheduled activities so that we can decide when the WiFi receiver is turned on or off according to the indicated parameters.

According to its developers, this type of application can help us save up to 30% of the battery, so if we have a smartphone with limited autonomy it can be the most practical and recommended solution.

As an alternative, it is worth mentioning that some Android phones also have a fairly interesting system setting that allows us to automatically turn on Wi-Fi. This option is found in the general configuration of the device in « Settings -> WiFi -> WiFi preferences -> Turn on Wi-Fi automatically.


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