How to backup and restore Android text messages

If sending, receiving and managing SMS messages are no longer practical on Android, the system does not allow automatic backup of text messages. Also, to avoid losing valuable information or tracking text messages, it might be interesting to save them.

How to backup and restore Android text messages

It must be said that in case of failure, reset or reset of the smartphone, all your data will be lost! But how to backup and restore Android text messages?

How to save text messages on Android?

Android does not natively support backup and restore of SMS, but on the Play Store, there are several apps that have this feature with different management. If you want to be able to access your backups anywhere, you can save them directly to your Gmail account.

The SMS Backup + application interacts with your Gmail account. Your text messages are therefore available under the “SMS” label. The application also performs backup and manages call logs and MMS and can restore all this data on the smartphone.

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Also, SMS Backup & Restore backup or restore applications can store messages on an SD card and then restore messages from that backup.

It is also possible to change the SMS backup. The SMS to Text application allows you to save your SMS in CSV and TXT format. You can then transfer the backup to your computer for editing and then reload it on your smartphone and restore all messages.

The SMS backup procedure explained in detail

To save your text messages on Android, you need your smartphone (necessarily) and an application like SMS Backup & Restore. Be sure to follow the instructions below:

  • open the SMS backup and restore application;
  • click on “Save” and choose the backup path;
  • click on “OK” to confirm the choice;
  • after the warning window, check the box for approval;
  • give a name to your backup;
  • check the box if you also want to save your MMS;
  • choose the type of backup- backup all or part of the files;
  • choose whether you want to back up data on your smartphone or cloud;
  • click OK;
  • to finish, close the window.

And now, just save your SMS and MMS, without the risk of losing your data.

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