How To Block Phonecalls On Your Apple iPhone 8 And 8 Plus?


Picking an unwanted phonecall can ruin your day.

Even when you decide to not answer, it can be annoying to get a call from an individual who is not a respecter of boundaries.

In addition to these frustrating calls, phone users also have telemarketers to deal with. And sadly, promotional phonecalls are increasingly rampant these days.

The best way to solve these issues is to make use of your device’s call blocking options.

And this tutorial will break down how to do just that.

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How Can I Block A Phone Number From Recent Contacts On My Apple iPhone?

You are allowed to block the individual who called you from your recent calls list. To get this done, adhere to these instructions:

  1. Head into the Phone application. This app can be launched from your home screen.
  2. Click Recent.
  3. Swipe down to the individual you wish to block.
  4. Choose the information icon close to their numbers.
  5. Choose “Block This Caller.” This option is way down on your screen.

How Can I Block Calls From The Call Blocking Menu On My Apple iPhone?

This is a different way to block callers. Do this:

  1. Head into Settings.
  2. Choose iPhone.
  3. Locate the Calls Section.
  4. Click “Call Blocking & Identification.” Now you will be able to add the phone number you intend to block.
  5. Choose Block Contact.

Unblocking callers from this same menu is possible too. To unblock a number, head here- Settings >Phone > Calls > Call Blocking & Identification.

Locate the caller you intend to unblock and click on the red icon close to their number. Confirm by clicking Unblock.

Do Not Disturb Mode

At times you will wish to block all calls, irrespective of who they are coming from. I am telling you for free, when you set your iPhone 8/8+ to Do Not Disturb, you can take a break from all phonecalls.

This is how you can enable this option:

  1. Head into Settings.
  2. Click “Do Not Disturb.”
  3.  Ensure the switch is toggled on.

This will enable the Do Not Disturb mode. If you want to begin to receive calls again, just ensure it is toggled off.

It is even possible to set a schedule. If you choose this option, your device will block every call for a set period of time.

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3rd-Party Applications

Call blocking targets particular callers whose numbers you know and Do Not Disturb covers all calls. But have you given spam callers whose numbers you don’t know a thought?

A 3rd-party app is useful to protect you from spammers and junk phonecalls. For instance, the Truecaller . The app is used by more than 250 million people worldwide and it is so effective when you want to block spam.

After installation, your device is granted access to a block list. If any spammer tries to call you, this app will help you to block it.

  1. Head into Settings.
  2. Choose iPhone.
  3. Locate Calls.
  4. Click on “Call Blocking & Identification.”
  5. Choose “Allow These App To Block Calls And Provide Caller ID.”
  6. Click on the blocking app you intend to use.


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