How To Brighten A Video On Your iPhone Before Or During Recording?


A dark video is not a delight to watch. However, a lot of times, it is difficult to tell in the moment that the footage you are recording is so dimly lit to be seamlessly viewed. Making your iPhone video brighter can simplify your viewing of the action on screen and will make the clip more appealing if it is uploaded to a social media platform or webpage.

Sadly, the iPhone’s built-in camera application does not let you brighten clips after you create them, therefore, you must always do all you can to brighten a video before recording commences. Let’s break it down:

How Can I Brighten An iPhone Video Before Or During Recording?

  1. Launch the camera application and scroll left to toggle to video.
  2. Click on the screen to make a sun-shaped icon visible.
  3. Make sure your finger is on the iPhone screen and then slide it upward to brighten the scene before recording starts. This can also be done as you record the video at any time.

How Can I Brighten An iPhone Video After Sharing?

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The free features of the application, InShot will allow you to brighten an iPhone video when recording is done. Filters, text, cropping and several other editorial features can be used as well. Just:

  1.  Launch the InShot application and click “VIDEO,” then click “New.”
  2. Choose the clip (or clips if files will be merged) you want to brighten from your iPhone’s library.
  3. Click the green circle with the checkmark.
  4.  On the next screen, click “FILTER.”
  5. Click “Adjust,” then use the “LIGHTNESS” to move the slider as far to the right as you wish to brighten the video.

More effects like “WARMTH” and “SATURATION,” are also available and boosting them will make your clips appear brighter.


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