How to burn a movie on DVD-RW?

How to burn a movie on DVD RW
How to burn a movie on DVD RW

How to burn a movie on DVD-RW? One of the many things we can do with our PC is burn movies to DVD and then watch them when we have time or desire. Although today with the proliferation of Netflix and other platforms, we might think that this tutorial is a bit old, we have no doubt that it is still interesting for many users.

This is why, if you keep reading, you’ll find a step by step guide on what you need to do to burn a movie on DVD-RW, so you don’t depend on the Internet anymore.

How to burn a movie on DVD with Windows with Nero Burning Rom

Now, you are about to have a more advanced burning experience. You should know that, although there are many recommended apps for this type of process, it is better to burn DVDs with Nero Burning Rom by following these steps :

  • Open Nero Burning Rom after installing it on your PC
  • Select the type of burn you want to make, including CD, DVD or Blu-Ray
  • Next, select a file name and press New
  • Add the files to be recorded and press Record at the top left of the screen
  • Thus the burning will start, you will see a small window with access to the settings (here if you don’t have too much knowledge we suggest you to simply leave the preconfigured ones)
  • Registration will end in a few minutes and, once finished, it will notify you with a message, just click Accept

How to burn to DVD on Windows with Express Burn

And what if your experience with the previous program didn’t live up to your expectations? In that case you have nothing to worry about, because luckily there are others. So let’s show how to burn DVD movies on Windows computers with Express Burn by following these steps:

  • Open Express Burn after installing it on your PC
  • There, choose the DVD option and press Create
  • Select the files that make up the film
  • Go to Record Disc and make the configuration changes you want before going to Save
  • A card will show you how the burning proceeds
  • In seconds you will have the movie ready on your DVD

How to burn to Mac without programs

We know that some of the people who read us do not have Windows computers but Macs, and we wanted to give them a hand in these very special situations. So if you want to burn a DVD movie on your Mac, do the following :

  • Insert the DVD into your computer
  • Open this unit with the Finder
  • Copy the files you want to record into it
  • After selecting all the files, advance
  • Click on Record Disc
  • Wait for the process to finish

How to burn to Mac with Burn

Also on Mac, we find interesting options thanks to some external apps thanks to which we will be able to burn a movie on DVD. In this case, learn how to burn movies on Mac with Burn step by step :

  • Open Burn after installing it on your Mac
  • Go to the Video tab
  • There, select the DVD option
  • Add the files you want to copy
  • When you’ve done that, click Burn
  • Make the recording settings according to your needs or tastes
  • Wait for the procedure to finish and enjoy your DVD


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