How to calibrate your Laptop Battery

Laptop Pc Battery
Laptop Pc Battery

Have you noticed a drop in the battery life of your laptop? In this article, you will find a complete and easy guide to calibrate the laptop PC battery. Laptop batteries are often the source of severe headaches for users.

For years we have been reading different tips on websites and magazines to safeguard them. Do not always keep the PC undercharge, loading and unloading cycles, and much more. Despite all these more or less wise advice, one thing is certain: the days of the batteries are numbered and they will stop working someday.

That said, there is a trick to maximizing battery life, and that is to calibrate your PC’s battery. After presenting this procedure for Android smartphones, it’s the computer’s turn: here‘s how to calibrate your laptop’s battery.

Why is it important to calibrate your Laptop PC’s battery?

Laptop battery calibration is just as important as smartphone calibration. Ultimately, they are exposed to the same problem:  when the operating system and battery are no longer aligned, Windows may tell you that the battery charge is 34% while in reality it is only 3%. It can be a serious problem if you rely on what’s left of the battery to complete an important job.

That said, recalibrating the battery does not mean fixing the battery: if it is at the end of its life and is discharging faster and faster, calibration will not help in stopping the aging process.

How to calibrate your Laptop battery

The method of calibrating a Laptop PC battery is relatively simple. Simply charge the battery to 100%, then let it fully discharge. Once at zero, we are not done yet: it is necessary to use up the “residual energy” that survives beyond the charge cycle. For this, the device must be left on for four to six hours. Once this time has elapsed, reconnect the battery to the mains to fully charge it. The calibration process is now complete.

We need to specify a few details: First, the laptop must remain active during the process. It must not be put into hibernation, standby or hibernation. Tip: Use your computer normally until it is turned off. That’s all.

The second tip is: do not charge the battery under any circumstances. Do not start charging the battery while you are discharging it to zero, under any circumstances. If you put it to charge while the battery runs out, you lose everything: the calibration process will be interrupted and will have to be restarted from scratch.

This process must be performed once every three months. Let us know in the messages how you found yourself.