How to capture full-page screens with iOS 13, iPadOS 13

iOS 13
iOS 13

Here’s how to capture full-page screenshots on your iPhone or iPad by upgrading to the final version of iOS 13 or iPadOS 13. Apple’s iOS 13 platform offers an enhanced screenshot experience via Safari that captures full-screen images. This new experience completely changes the way screenshots are managed and immediately increases the experience to the next level.

We have said it other times and, without a doubt, we say it again now, some of the best and most useful features that are made available on new firmware versions are those that are not announced on the stage.

And this is what we want to talk about in this article, and that is the new feature of Safari screenshots of which not even a word was said during the opening keynote of WWDC 2019 at the beginning of this summer.

With this new feature, Safari users will have the ability to capture full-page screens that in turn immediately capture the entire Web page and not just the part of the page that is currently visible to the user.

This eliminates the need to pinch to try to get as much information as possible or capture multiple screens of various parts of the page and then patch them up to get a complete visual image of the Web page. All of this is feasible with relative ease and is as simple as the current method of capturing a screenshot.

If you are running iOS 13 and want to try it, you simply need to do the following:

  1. Use Safari to navigate to the website you want to capture the screen.
  2. Use the normal combination of buttons for the device to call up the screenshot capture process. Non-Face ID devices can use the Power + Home button, while Face ID devices can use the Volume up + Power buttons.
  3. Once the screenshot is captured, you will be shown a preview. Touch that preview and then select the “Full Page” option at the top of the preview.
  4. Tap the Finish button to save and move on.

And that’s it, an extremely simple way to capture a screenshot that gives you a complete visual overview of any web page you are visiting in Safari.

There are some warnings that I have to make you regarding this functionality, which is to say that it doesn’t work if there is another app open to take screenshots and it really only works for Web pages and not for long things like conversations from WhatsApp or Facebook news feed.

For those situations, you will still need to adopt the multiple-pinched screenshot method, but for instances directly via Safari, Apple provides you with this new iOS 13 feature.


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