How To Change Amazon Affiliate-Program Email Address

Change Amazon Affiliate-Program Email Address
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As you already know, Amazon is one of the largest retailers globally, and in America alone, it is responsible for almost forty percent of all online sales. To prove its importance to the business world, anyone can actually access a share of its profits. You need to own a site or have a social media presence and then register for the Amazon affiliate program.

The Amazon Affiliate Program, also known as Amazon Associates, is like an affiliate marketing program that lets users monetize their websites, blogs, or social media. All Amazon Affiliate users have to do is place links to Amazon products on their site. A customer immediately purchases one of their links. The user receives a commission.

Amazon is basically looking at paying patronizing sites a commission to send them traffic and/or sales, and all payments will be made according to the program’s agreements. There are various benefits to affiliate marketing for both the merchant and participating affiliates. For the merchant, it is a chance to expand your reach and increase sales through affordable marketing. Affiliate Marketing is performance-based, Affiliates are paid only when the desired action takes place, and participants in the affiliate program are also motivated to drive conversions.

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For Affiliates, partaking in an associate marketing program lets them become involved in e-commerce without establishing or maintaining their own store. It also offers the opportunity to monetize a website, blog, or social media and earn a juicy commission. See
How To Change Amazon Affiliate-Program Email Address:

How Can I Register For Amazon Associates Program?

Signing up for the Amazon Associates program can happen in an uncomplicated manner. To start, head to and tap “Join Now For Free.”

Change Amazon Affiliate-Program Email Address
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After that, you’ll need to type in your account information, including your name, address, and phone number. After that, you’ll be prompted to enter the websites and mobile app URLs where you plan to display banners, ads, or affiliate links. You can enter up to 50 websites and mobile app URLs combined.

In the next section, you’ll select a store ID and provide information about your websites or mobile apps, including the kind of products you intend to promote.

Change Amazon Affiliate-Program Email Address
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You’ll also have to select the topics from a drop-down menu — like apparel, books, gaming, or movies — that best describe your site or mobile application. After that, describe how you drive traffic to your sites, how you generate income from your sites and apps, how you build links, and how many total visitors you get every month.

Change Amazon Affiliate-Program Email Address
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As soon as that is complete, you have to type in your phone number, tap “Call Me Now,” and pick the call you receive from Amazon. You’ll then be instructed to input a four-digit PIN, and your account will be set up.

You will also have to decide whether to enter your payment and tax information now or later and then proceed to your dashboard to create Amazon affiliate links.

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How Can I Change Amazon Affiliate-Program Email Address?

  1. Get yourself signed in to your Amazon Associates account.
  2. Tap “Account Settings” from the upper right corner.
  3. Tap “Manage Account Users” and select your primary e-mail address from Account Information.
  4. Add your new e-mail address.
  5. You can then set your new email address as the primary e-mail.

That is that.


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