How To Change Screen Refresh Rate On Your OnePlus 7 Pro?


Your smartphone might have all the best specifications and the most recent hardware and software, but the image on your display refreshes at 60 frames per second.

Some mobile devices do have quicker screens like the Razor Phone that was released two years ago, but, after the OnePlus 7 Pro was unveiled, it came with a 90 frame per second screen.

For some phone owners, this might not be enough for anyone to dump his or her present phone but after using the phone on 90fps, you will surely notice the difference.

In this tutorial, I will break down all you should know about screen refresh rates and how to change them:

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What Refresh Rate Is All About?

Screen Refresh Rate allows you to enjoy a seamless experience as you scroll or during gameplay.

In the iPad Pro, you get a 120Hz refresh rate. The pictures that you load or the slideshow will not be delayed when you attempt to scroll it. In easy words, the quicker the screen refresh rate, the smoother the graphics will appear.

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How Can I Change Screen Refresh Rate On My OnePlus 7 Pro?

With the amazing bezel-less AMOLED display, this feature can be used.

It will improve your viewing experience.

On how to modify the screen refresh rate on your OnePlus 7 Pro, adhere to these instructions:

  1. Swipe down the Notification Bar and click “Settings.”
  2. Under Settings, look for the Display tab.
  3. Below the Display tab, click the “Screen refresh rate.”
  4. . Ensure the refresh rate is changed from 60Hz to 90Hz.

And that is that.


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