How to change the display refresh rate of your MacBook Pro 16 “

refresh rate of MacBook Pro 16 22
refresh rate of MacBook Pro 16 22

Among the peculiarities of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, the possibility of changing the screen refresh rate, refresh rate or vertical frequency relative to the number of times in a second in which the image is redrawn on the screen. This feature is particularly useful with some video editing workflows.

For the first time, the screen of the new professional laptop from Cupertino can be set with a refresh rate corresponding to the frame rate of the video you are viewing or editing. Apple suggests, when possible, to select a refresh rate equal to twice the frames per second of the video to be played.

If, for example, the content you are viewing is at 24 frames per second, it is advisable to choose a refresh rate of 48 Hertz, thus ensuring that the display is updated twice for each content frame.

To change the refresh rate just open System Preferences, select “Monitor”, hold down the Option (Alt) key, choose “Resized” as the resolution. In this way, the item related to the refresh rate appears – as reported on the Apple support site – a pop-up menu from which it is possible to select- 47.95Hz, 48.00Hz, 50.00Hz, 59.94Hz or 60.00Hz. Keep in mind that although the highest refresh rate allows you to always get smoother images and animations, this is at the expense of resource use and battery life.

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