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How to change user key in Linux

Do you need to know how to change the user key in Linux? Do not worry! In this short tutorial, we will teach you how to do one of the most important security techniques on your computer in a few steps. We always recommend changing your password to access your PC and other accounts every 45 days

Linux is one of the main operating systems that we can find for PC, it is a proposal of free nature and under the GPL license, which means that any user can make their own modifications and offer to the rest of the users, whenever possible. under the same license. One of the most outstanding features of Linux is security, for which user and superuser passwords are fundamental. In this post, we will explain how to change the Linux password.

How to change the superuser password in Linux

The superuser is also known as root in a Linux-based system , it is the users who have complete control over the operating system and can make any type of modification, which is why it is not recommended to work in a general way with the root account, since we can make a real destruction in the operating system if we touch something that we should not. Another danger of using a root account is that we will be much more exposed to malware. As a general rule, the root user is disabled in Linux, so to use it we must activate it and set a password. For this we can use the following command in a terminal:

sudo passwd root

The system will ask for our user account and then ask us to enter the root password. If we want to change the root password we can use the same command.

How to change the standard user password in Linux

Below the root are the rest of the users, who also have their own password to protect their privacy and ensure the security of the operating system. To change the password of any user in Linux we must use a command very similar to the previous one:

sudo passwd user

The only thing we must do is replace “user” with the name of the user in question. In the event that we want to change the password of a user other than ours, we must first obtain root user permissions, for this, we will use the following command:

sudo passwd user

With this end our post on how to change the key in Linux, remember that you can share it on social networks so you can help more users who need it.

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