How To Change Your Country Of Residence On An iPhone?

Do you wish to relocate to another country? Then you will need to modify your iPhone country settings to make the permanent switch unlike traveling outside your country temporarily. Users are allowed to seamlessly change their iPhone’s nation in the Settings application, where you will also be prompted to change your payment method and billing address.

Before changing your iOS device’s country settings, you will need to take steps to make the transition as smooth as you will want. These steps include getting rid of subscriptions on your iPhone, getting rid of Apple Music. As soon as you change your country, hold on until you have settled your last subscription bills, then resubscription can happen.

Also, you will need to spend any store credit saved to your iTunes & App Store account, because it will not be transferred with you. You can even remove your current credit card since you will be asked will enter fresh payment information immediately you choose your new country.

It might be hard to change your country if you partake in a Family Sharing group. You can find and change your Family Sharing details in your Settings application too. Let’s expatiate on How To Change Your Country Of Residence On An iPhone?:

How Can I Change The Country On My iPhone?

  • Launch the Settings application on your iOS device.
  • Click your name at the top of the page. This will show you your account details.
  • Click the “iTunes & App Store.”

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  • Way up on the iTunes & App Store page, your Apple ID would be seen. If you have not signed in, click to sign in asap.
  • Click your Apple ID and then click “View Apple ID.” You might be prompted to enter your password or Touch ID to continue.
  • This will reveal your Account Settings page. Choose “Country/Region” to modify your present country settings.
  • Click “Change Country or Region.”
  • Choose your new country from the list.

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  • You will be prompted to review and agree to the new T & C from your new country. Pls, note that the form might not be in the English language. Click “Agree” for confirmation of your changes.
  • You can continue by entering your fresh payment info and the billing address for your new country. As soon as this info is confirmed, you just successfully changed the country on your iPhone.