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How To Check BVN Number With Your Phone

If you have forgotten your BVN number or have misplaced the piece of paper which you wrote it down on. Then do not worry because there is still a way you can check BVN number with your phone anywhere, anytime. Provided you have your phone with you.

The BVN is a Central Bank Of Nigeria initiative that helps them reduce cyber crimes and track down cyber criminals if need be. The BVN means Bank Verification Number and it is a biometric number that each and every bank holder in Nigeria must have. The number is linked to Every account a person has in all the banks and unifies them.

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The Bank Verification Number can be used by the Central Bank Of Nigeria to pull up details of an account holder in any bank if the need arises. Details such as a passport photograph, Fingerprint, Date of Birth, and so much more. Including all of the other banks that particular person has an account with and all the phone numbers attached to them.

The Bank Verification Number can also be used on some banks USSD banking to transfer money and pay bills. Some banks also display your BVN on their mobile app for easy access by the account holder. But not everybody has a Smartphone to be able to download the mobile banking app of their respective banks. So MTN brought a USSD code. A code which people on phones without internet access can use to be able to check the BVN number attached to their phone number.

This USSD code can be used to check your Bank Verification Number on any phone whatsoever. As long as the phone can be used to check your airtime balance, then it can automatically be used to check your BVN.

Other networks like Glo, 9mobile and Airtel have followed in MTN footsteps. By rolling out a similar USSD code that can be used to check BVN Number.

Thankfully, all the telecommunication service providers we have in Nigeria have made it easy. By using a single USSD across all networks to check the bank verification number. Making it easy to remember the USSD irrespective of which network your are on.

How To Check BVN Number With Your Phone

▪All you have to do dial * 565*0#.

▪ Your Bank Verification Number should pop Up, Get A piece of Paper and write It down.

If nothing pops up. Then that number you used in dialing that USSD code is not attached to any Bank Verification number.

Note: This process costs N10 for each time you dial the code. So make sure you write it down somewhere and keep it safe away from prying eyes. In order not to keeping rechecking it.


Now that you can check BVN Number with your phone, make sure to write it down somewhere very safe. Do not disclose it to anybody. Especially people calling you claiming they are from your bank to demand things like your ATM pin and Bank Verification Number among other things.

Banks will not and do not ask for Bank Verification Number, especially over the phone. Do your part in keeping your account safe by not divulging sensitive information such as your Bank Verification Number to unknown persons.

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