How to check the battery percentage of AirPods on Android

Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods

In the market, there are lots of true wireless headphones that guarantee excellent sound quality. On this page, we have made a selection of the best EarBuds to buy, but so far no product has managed to oust the Bluetooth headsets made by the American giant, which are available for purchase through the box below:

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Although their cost is not for everyone, they are one of the most purchased and desired technological objects ever. Wherever you turn there is someone who wears them. The AirPods are bought not only by those who have an iPhone but also by those who own a smartphone moved by the green Google robot, Android.

Their peculiarities are varied- the most interesting, and probably useful, is the possibility of displaying the remaining charge on the phone display, both of the earphones themselves and of the case. By default, however, this feature is only available to Apple users. The percentage of the battery is in fact shown automatically only on iPhone and iPad.

How to see AirPods battery on Android

Is it possible to check the percentage of AirPods’ battery even on Android? The answer is yes. If you are here and you want to know how to view the remaining AirPods on Android smartphones, you’re in the right place. In the following lines, we will explain how to see the AirPods battery even on Android devices, including tablets.

To succeed in your intent, simply download the AirBattery application directly from the Play Store via this link. In fact, the software allows you to see on any Android smartphone of any brand (Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi etc.) how much battery is left to the connected AirPods and, just like on iOS, to show the remaining percentage of earphones and houses.

Operation is very simple- once the app is installed, compatible with AirPods 2, just start it and choose the desired settings. So when you open/close the earphone case the remaining battery will appear. The download of AirBattery is free but those who want to can buy the premium version at a cost of € 1.19 to remove the advertisement.


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