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How to check the speed of the internet connection with Siri

The internet connection is nowadays practically essential to complete any type of operation, whether it concerns the field of work, leisure or otherwise. Obviously, however, the only coverage in certain cases may not be sufficient and for this reason, many developers have decided to create and publish some applications that can test the actual connection speed.

Even Netflix has created a very simple web page that can do exactly the same thing. To reach it, just log in from any browser using fast.com address that you will use to create a quick and easily executable Siri command.

Siri shortcuts to test the internet connection

All Siri quick commands and shortcuts are listed in the iOS settings, however, in most cases, only the last operations performed by the device in question are represented, without the possibility of customization (unless you want to go for the app available on the App Store for free).

Our goal will, therefore, be to record a reminder phrase to pronounce to Siri to quickly open the fast.com website and start scanning the speed of the internet connection. Here are all the steps to follow to complete the procedure.

  • Open Safari and access the fast.com website
  • Exit Safari and go to iOS Settings
  • Go down to “Siri and Search”
  • Click on it and look for the section dedicated to Safari
  • Continue with the “+” key to the right of “Internet Speed ​​Test”
  • Start the recording and say the key phrase to tie to the command
  • Conclude everything with “Fine” at the top right
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From this moment on, whenever Siri hears the previously recorded phrase, the fast.com web page will be opened on Safari and the speed test will automatically start.

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