How To Check Your IMEI Number?


Every smartphone launched by any company has an IMEI number. Also known as International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, it is basically used to identify a phone.

If the device is stolen, you can simply reach out to your network provider by phone and ask them to blacklist the phone with the IMEI number. Getting that done with render the phone useless to the thief even when another SIM is used.

IMEI is a 15 digit number. It is the code that possesses lots of information that includes, the nation where it was manufactured, the manufacturer, and model number.

As soon as the IMEI number is provided, services such as CheckMend will inform you if the phone had ever been stolen before.

Be advised, do not share your IMEI number with people. It could expose you to cloning or other forms of scam.

Here are some ways to check your phone’s IMEI number.

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How Can I Check My IMEI With My Phone Dialer?

This is the most popular and accepted method of checking the IMEI number. It will do the job on any device whether it’s Android or iOS. Simply launch the phone application and dial this number “*#06#”

You will notice a flash message that will reveal the IMEI code.

You will be able to copy this number for your reference and storage. Then click OK to close the message.

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How Can I Check My IMEI On An Android Phone?

On your Android device. the IMEI number can be seen by doing this:

  1. Head to Settings > About phone > Status.
  2. In some other devices, head to Settings > General > About device > Status.


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