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How to Clean a Laptop Screen Correctly

A dirty laptop screen will certainly feel annoying when using it. The reason is, the laptop screen display becomes less clear due to the stain points along the screen. As a result, my friend becomes less comfortable when using it. Therefore, it is important to always clean the laptop screen regularly.

How to clean a laptop screen is certainly not the same as how to clean the surface of glasses, tables, and other objects. Because, the screen has its own sensitivity level which makes it easy to damage if cleaned carelessly.

Clean Laptop
Clean Laptop

Therefore, before starting to clean your favorite laptop screen, it is very important to know the correct procedure for cleaning the laptop screen. Don’t worry, because in this article I will share how to do it.

Review Details 4 Ways to Clean Laptop Screen Correctly

Turn off the Laptop First

Turn Off Laptop
Turn Off Laptop

Before starting to clean the laptop screen, make sure the laptop is turned off. Never clean while the laptop is still on because this can cause permanent damage to the screen.

When turning off the laptop, don’t forget to unplug the power adapter and laptop battery. After that, then my friend can start the step of cleaning the laptop screen.

Use a Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber Cloth
Microfiber Cloth

When starting the laptop screen cleaning process, make sure to only use a microfiber cloth to clean it. Remember, not all types of cloth can be used to clean laptop screens. Carelessly using a cloth will actually cause the laptop screen to be scratched. It’s different if you use a microfiber cloth, the soft nature of the cloth makes the laptop screen safe from scratches when cleaned.

Cleaning Steps Using a Microfiber Cloth

After the microfiber cloth that will be used to clean the laptop is available and the laptop has been turned off, then you can start the cleaning steps. Remember, the way to clean a laptop screen properly is to press the screen gently while putting a cleaning cloth on the laptop screen.

Do the cleaning process in one direction, not in a circular pattern. This is because the circular pattern will only make the screen vulnerable to damage and move dust particles to the other side of the laptop screen. Just do it over and over again until you are sure there is no more dust left on the laptop screen.

For stubborn dirt, use a slightly wet sponge

Slightly Wet Sponge
Slightly Wet Sponge

For stubborn or difficult-to-clean stains, just use a dishwashing sponge. How can you, of course you can. In fact, sponges are proven to be very effective at cleaning stubborn stains and dirt that are difficult to remove, such as splashes of sauce or soy sauce that are left for a long time and are not cleaned.

Of course the sponge that you will use is only a new one, not a sponge that has been used to wash dishes. Before starting the cleaning process, first wet the yellow part of the sponge with a little water. The goal, so that stains and dirt that sticks can be peeled off and cleaned.

Cleaning Steps Using Sponge

The very first step that needs to be done to clean the laptop screen using a sponge is to prepare a new and clean sponge first. Next, my friend just sprinkle a little cleaning fluid on it. But before that, of course you have to turn off the laptop and unplug the adapter cable first to prevent short circuits and the like.

Next, my friend just rubs the sponge on the screen stain slowly. Remember, wipe slowly and pay attention not to let any drops fall and enter the laptop machine. After the stain is lifted, you just have to clean it again using a soft tissue to dry it. But if you can patiently wait, you should let the laptop dry by itself. After drying, my friend can use the laptop again.

Use Special Cleaning Liquid to Remove Stubborn Stains

Special Cleaning Liquid
Special Cleaning Liquid

In addition to using a sponge as a tool to clean stubborn stains, try also to use a special liquid that is effectively used to remove stubborn stains. Currently, there are many types of special laptop cleaning fluids that you can use. Besides buying it offline, you can also buy it online.

If you buy a set of laptop cleaning packages, it is usually complete with the tools needed to clean the laptop and its screen. Because, in a special cleaning set usually consists of a bottle of cleaning fluid, a brush, and a rag. That way, my friend no longer has to bother preparing everything one by one.

Cleaning Steps Using Special Cleaning Liquid

Just like the previous steps, your laptop must be turned off first and the battery or adapter cable removed before starting the laptop screen cleaning step. After that, the cleaning process begins.

First, spray the cleaning liquid that is already available onto the microfiber cloth. Remember, spray only until it’s damp, not too much or until the microfiber cloth is soaking wet.

Next, my friend just rub the cloth gently on the dirty part. Remember, rub lightly so that the laptop screen is not pressured or scratched. Do this step until it is completely clean. Also make sure the liquid does not drip because it is feared that it will enter the laptop machine and cause damage. After that, just dry with a tissue before use.

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Important Tips to Pay Attention to

Important Laptop Tips
Important Laptop Tips

To complete the discussion on how to properly clean a laptop screen, below are some important additional tips that need to be considered when you want to clean a laptop screen. These tips are as follows:

  • Avoid using tissue, paper napkins, and other paper products because they will leave paper debris on the laptop monitor. Remember, don’t try to use these items because paper contains wood fibers and can cause scratches on smooth surfaces.
  • Do not use tap water to clean the laptop screen because it can cause mineral stains to be left on the laptop screen.
  • You can use a cotton ball moistened with cleaning solution to clean hard-to-reach areas.
  • If you’re a photographer, it’s much better to use a lint-free lens cloth instead of a soft cotton cloth.
  • If you have a lens cleaner for glasses, first check the back of the package to make sure it contains “isopropanol” or not. If it does contain “isopropanol, then do not use it to clean LCD monitors.
  • If too much of the solution was applied to the cleaning cloth and it drips or is too damp, simply wipe with a soft cloth and apply a small amount.
  • Get used to being patient in cleaning laptops and laptop screens, especially when cleaning parts that are difficult to clean.
  • When cleaning the edges of a laptop screen, start with the parts that are easiest to reach first.

That’s the information about how to clean a laptop screen properly. You just have to follow the procedure mentioned in the article above. Remember, do it slowly according to the instructions or procedures mentioned above. May be useful.

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