How to clean the screen of a Smart TV

clean the screen of a Smart TV
clean the screen of a Smart TV

The screen of a Smart TV requires more attention than the good old TVs that could be cleaned with a window cleaner and a paper towel. Through this article you will learn how to clean the screen of a Smart TV– with a microfibre cloth, a mix of water and vinegar and finally we will see how to remove the scratches from your Smart TV.

Since the application of some products can deteriorate the screen and therefore the quality of the image, it is important to have clear ideas about the solutions at our disposal to make our television shine.

How to install an application on a Smart TV

How to clean the screen of a Smart TV with a mixture of Water and Vinegar

  • Turn off the television to see the dirt better.
  • Prepare a mixture of vinegar/half water. Vinegar is a natural detergent and is mostly an ecological detergent, less dangerous and less expensive.
  • Dip a microfiber cloth in the mixture and gently clean the screen. If necessary, press lightly while rubbing hard stains by making circular motions.
  • Do not pour or spray the mixture directly on the screen, you could damage it irreparably.
  • If you prefer to buy an LCD screen cleaner, they are available in supermarkets and specialty stores.
  • Do not use products containing ammonia, ethanol, acetone or trichloroethane. These products can damage the screen … consuming it !!!
  • Use another dry microfibre cloth to clean the screen. If you let it dry in the open air, the traces will remain.
  • Clean the screen frame by soaking a paper towel in the vinegar/water mixture and rub gently. Use another sheet to dry.

How to clean the screen of a Smart TV with a microfibre cloth

  • Turn off the television to see the dirt better.
  • Find a microfiber cloth, it must be the same type of fabric used to clean the glasses. They are perfect for screens.
  • Clean the screen using this cloth the cloth to gently remove visible stains.
  • Do not press too hard on the screen if the dirt does not go away immediately.
  • Do not use paper towels, toilet paper or old pieces of fabric. These materials are more abrasive and can scratch the screen. Also, they can damage the screen … consuming it !!!
  • Examine the screen, if it’s clean, you’re done. Clean the frame, it is less fragile than the screen, so use a microfiber cloth or a duster to clean it.

How to remove scratches from your Smart TV

If the scratch is very large and your TV is still under warranty, I recommend you change it. Trying to solve this problem can make things worse, as the damage will no longer be covered if you ruin it.

If instead, you are sure of what you do you can use a repair kit. They are available in specialty stores and supermarkets. This is the safest method. Or use Vaseline, just dip a cotton disk and spread it on the scratch.

You can also use hairspray. Buy the transparent lacquer and spray it directly on the scratch. Leave to dry.


These techniques work on all types of screens. Read the manual carefully, there may be instructions on how to clean the TV. You can also use the wipes for screens that are sold in specialty stores.

Do not press too much on the screen if you have a CRT because the screen is very thin. Be careful when using the mixture of water and vinegar, use it carefully, do not spray it so as not to cause a short circuit.


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