How To Connect Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (X) To TV?

MirroringSamsungreal 1
MirroringSamsungreal 1

As a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 owner, it is cool to know that you can seamlessly connect it to your Television and enjoy all its features on a larger screen. The device will be launched on the 7th of August 2019 and will come with a beautiful AMOLED display. However, as remarkable as the screen might be, you might still want to view contents on the device, on your Television.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 possesses screen mirroring features that allow you to connect it to your TV to enjoy a larger screen in real-time. If you are thinking about the simplest ways to connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to TV, this tutorial will break that down nicely for you below:

How Can I Connect Samsung Galaxy Note 10 To TV Via AllShare Hub?

You need a Samsung AllShare Hub device for this one. Just connect it to your TV with HDMI cable. After that, adhere to these instructions:

  1. Get your Galaxy Note 10 connected to the AllSHare Hub device wirelessly.
  2. Head to the settings of your device, tap “Screen mirroring.”
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How Can I Connect Samsung Galaxy Note 10 To TV Through Smart View?

If you own a more recent Smart TV, just be certain that the TV is ready to receive signals. Scroll down the quick menu at the top of the Note screen, then select “Smart View.”

How Can I Connect Samsung Galaxy Note 10 To TV With Chromecast?

The Google Chromecast is one of the simplest and popular methods to mirror your Note 9 to a TV. Just do this:

  1.  Get the Chromecast connected to the HDMI port on your Television.
  2. Then, make sure the Chromecast and your Galaxy Note 10 are connected to one Wi-Fi network.
  3. Ensure the Google Home application is installed on your Galaxy Note 10.
  4. Immediately the Home application is connected to your Chromecast, applications will now have a “Cast” option.
  5.  You will now be able to mirror the screen of your Note 10 from the Home application by choosing “Cast screen/audio”

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How Can I Connect Samsung Galaxy Note 10 To TV With Miracast?

The Galaxy Note 10 supports Miracast for the wireless mirroring of your mobile device. To get this done, just pull down the notification shade on the top of your device, then select “Samsung Connect.” You will now be able to choose your TV from the list. However, if you do not see the TV, head to “Add device manually” and choose the TV.

How Can I Connect Samsung Galaxy Note 10 To TV Through Samsung DeX?

The Samsung Note 10 is capable of allowing you to display content on the phone to a TV via the Samsung DeX. This does not involve any technical stuff, you just have to connect the Samsung USB-C to HDMI cable to your device and access DeX Mode.


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