How to convert Whatsapp audio messages into text

Whatsapp how to convert audio messages into text
Whatsapp how to convert audio messages into text

WhatsApp audio messages are the new text messages, they have become one of the fastest and easiest ways to communicate with our contacts. While they are a useful tool to save us from writing, we cannot always reproduce the content sent to us- work, class, meetings…

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For the impatient who want to know the content of voice messages without even listening to them, we are going to talk about the definitive trick, through which we can transcribe in text what they sent us in audio, in a simple and freeway. It is a perfect tool to access sent content without the need to activate the sound of our smartphone.

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Audio in Text is a simple application that allows us to convert audio messages sent by our contacts into text. In this way, when a contact sends us a voice message, we can access its contents without having to reproduce it. The operation is more than simple since you just have to follow the steps below.

How to convert Whatsapp audio messages into text

  • Download the app from the Google app store
  • Open the WhatsApp application
  • Select the audio that was sent to you
  • Press the share button
  • Share the message with the Audio in Text application
  • Wait for the application to convert the message to text

The operation of the app is quite fast. The transcription time will vary based on the length of the audio

Once the audio has been converted into text, we will get the information written inside the banner of the app.

We can copy this message to the clipboard, or simply close the window once we’ve seen the content. As you can see, it is a more than a useful tool to play WhatsApp audio with the sound turned off, completely free, and with an application weight that barely exceeds 20 megabytes.


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