How To Correct Signal Issue In Samsung Galaxy S7


For owners of a Samsung Galaxy S7 that are constantly faced with the No Service error signal difficulties on the device, it is about time be over.

This problem and that of users not being able to make phone calls without signal errors on the device are quite identical.

Reasons Behind Samsung Galaxy S7 Signal Error

The major reason for the existence of the Galaxy S7 signal issue is due to the radio signal being disabled on the smartphone. This signal can be disabled automatically at times when the WiFi or GPS is acting up.

How To Rectify Signal Issues On Samsung S7

  1. Head to the dial pad.
  2. Type in *#*#4636#*#*. You do not have to hit send, since the phone will automatically enter service mode.
  3. Choose Device or Phone information.
  4. Select Run Ping Test.
  5. Tap the Turn Radio Off button.
  6. Click Reboot.

Fix IMEI Number

When there’s a No Service Error on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and it has nothing to do with the radio signal, in most cases, it is connected to an unknown IMEI number.

Replace The SIM Card

The Subscriber Identification Module card can also be the issue and by confirming if the SIM card is inserted properly or changing it for a brand new one, you can solve this. It is also possible to get the SIM removed by inserting the unique ejection pin into the card tray.


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