How To Create Emoji In Android Devices


Even if emojis are quite interesting and important, sometimes, they do not send the right message. Several conversations require more than the regular stuff we are all used to, and that is when you wish you could create one yourself. To improve your messaging experience and inspire the reaction you want from others, see How To Create Emoji In Android:

1. Emoji Kitchen

The most recent Gboard beta for Android, unveiled last month, comes with a fresh feature named Emoji Kitchen. However, you will not be working with a custom emoji; rather, you just need to click one emoji to conjure up a mini gallery of new variants created at Google. See Emoji kitchen as an expanded library of what you already use daily.

Not all emojis will offer multiple variants. You should always expect notifications like “no suggestions here… try a different emoji” when you click on an incompatible emoji. We see this changing, however, when Emoji Kitchen quits beta. Google recently revealed that Emoji Kitchen works with applications like Gmail, Messages by Google, Messenger, Snapchat, Telegram and Whatsapp. Emojis like Crescent moons, Full moons, All cats, Crossbones, Body parts, and Weather are not supported currently.

Gboard has to be set as your default keyboard for this to work too. The method is not the same on all Android devices, but on Samsung, just access Settings > General Management > Language and Input > Default Keyboard. To use Emoji Kitchen, simply:

  • Go to Google’s Gboard beta page and tap “Become a Tester.”

Create Emoji In Android

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  • Download Gboard from Google Play if you are yet to do that.
  • Hold on for a while. Google will show you an update that activates Emoji Kitchen, but the wait might be for a while.

Create Emoji In Android

  • As soon as it is updated, launch a compatible application and click the text entry field to enable Gboard.
  • Click the smiley face way down on your screen, close to the space bar.
  • Space will be visible between the text entry field and the emoji library. A smiling message will also be seen and it will read, “tap an emoji to get stickers.”
  • Click any emoji and a cascade of custom stickers will be visible inside that blank space. Scroll left or right to choose your favorite.
  • Click the chosen sticker and it would be placed in the text entry field. Add a message or send it like that.

2. Emoji Mini

Create Emoji In Android

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Google launched this feature 2 years ago and it makes use of the camera to capture your face and create close to 100 custom emojis. To add some emoji to your face, click the Plus icon on the emoji menu. On the next screen, click “Add seen” on the Minis card and adhere to the instructions you will see.

3. Bitmoji

You should know this one. It is a standalone application that integrates into Gboard, and you are allowed to create an avatar from scratch here. Users also have access to a huge sticker library which can be accessed from within Gboard by clicking the Bitmoji icon located between the emoji and sticker add-on button.

That is that.


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