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How To Create Group Chat On iMessage

Apple’s chat platform is known to give users the complete messaging experience mainly because of its huge range of amazing features that are way more than just typing in a message and sending a link. iMessage allows users to send messages, pictures, stickers, and so on, between any Apple devices using Wi-Fi or cellular data.

iMessage is visible in blue bubbles on your iPhone, unlike text messages that appear in green bubbles. What makes Apple’s chat platform different from regular SMSes is how it sends data. Text messages will use your phone connection, while iMessages will transfer data using the Internet.

The days of our conversations going down through text are now over as iMessage is a fast and comfortable method of communication that suits most phone users. And thanks to its app, keeping in touch is now better and simpler than ever.

If you wish to communicate with more than 1 person at a time, maybe to organize a get-together with your friends, or to ask a loved one to meet with you later in the evening, it is now possible to create an iPhone group chat with several participants via the platform. See How To Create Group Chat On iMessage:

Create Group Chat On iMessage
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How Can I Create A Group Chat On iMessage?

  • From your iOS device’s home screen, click on “Messages,” which is seen as a white text bubble within a green box.
  • Click “Compose Message,” in the upper right-hand corner of the “Messages” display. This resembles a piece of paper with a pencil hovering over it.
  • In “To,” either start by entering the name, phone number, or email of the individual you wish to add to the conversation, or use “+” to choose participants manually from your contacts list. If you are adding numbers or emails that are not in your contacts, tap “Return” after typing to move on to the next name.
Create Group Chat On iMessage
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  • After entering or choosing the names of the people you want to add to the conversation, start typing your message.
  • When you are done entering the message you would want to send, tap the blue or green send arrow.

You can name or rename your group chat after creating it by clicking on the top of the conversation. When that is done, tap “Info,” which resembles a lowercase I, then tap “Enter a Group Name.” After entering the name you want for the chat, click “Done.”

That is that.

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