How to create your own avatar from a selfie and share it as emoji

This app is capable of creating an emoji extremely similar to us from a simple selfie

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1545395548 585842 1545395812 noticia normal recorte1

The avatars accompany us practically since social networks exist, speaking specifically within the digital spectrum. These avatars reproduce our real aspect through cartoons, or they are simply an expression of the people or elements that we follow and that inspire us. If what you want is to have an avatar as close to you, without having to put a picture of yourself, there is a very popular app that has facilitated the work of creating your own avatars to a really simple point. An app that allows us to create the avatar directly through a selfie.

Create your avatar in record time

The Bitmoji app that is available for both Android and iOS, and is one of the oldest when it comes to offering a huge variety of emoji. Now the app includes a feature that allows us to create our own avatar, based on our real appearance, from a selfie. In this way, we save ourselves the cumbersome process of creating an avatar that is similar to us, something that we often do not get and that completely frustrates us. Well, that’s what this app offers us now, because with a selfie we’ll get the first avatar with our basic features, and it really looks like us.

Bitmoji offers us multid of personalization elements from the model created with the selfie

From there we can customize it as we want, with all kinds of physical elements, such as eyebrows, eye color, whiskers, beards, and of course a lot of clothing accessories, with which we can give a touch to the avatar more like us in real life, as we normally wear. Undoubtedly one of the best aspects of this app is that we can also turn our avatar into a more emoji. It is therefore possible to send emoji with our appearance through social networks and messaging apps, such as through WhatsApp. We can also create funny scenes with our avatar to share with family and friends.

And more in these days of Christmas, where we can find dozens of Christmas accessories to give a festive touch to our avatar. Undoubtedly it is the best app to create our perfect avatar, especially if it resembles us, and best of all, that it does not take us too long to create it.



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