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How To Customize Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Lock Screen

Almost all Android devices have their lock screen, some might be plain and some others might be packed with a lot of different kinds of stuff. Today, we will be showing the steps to take in order to Customize Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Lock Screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a lot of interesting Features. Well, for a phone with such a price tag, I would expect nothing less. These features on the device are what makes it worth every penny. Some of these features it packing cannot even be found on the iPhone, From the S Pen to an amazing screen etc. We’ve written an article about that and listed out the 8 features of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 You won’t find on the iPhone.

Customize Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Lock

Although, there are so many other cool features we did not mention in that article. One of which is the ability to Customize Samsung Galaxy Note 8 lock screen which we will be helping you figure out how to Setup. The Lock Screen customization lets you add a lot of things to beautify your Lock Screen to Better suit your personality. Things like:

Dual Clock – This helps you keep track of your local time and international time.

Date – Just double tap or click the side button to see the date.

Camera Shortcut – One click from the camera shortcut takes you from the lock screen straight to the camera.

Owner Information – You can put any information you like on the lock screen. Like your Twitter handle, Facebook name or phone number. In case your phone gets lost, the person who finds the phone can contact you through any means listed on your lock screen.

Clock Size – You can adjust the clock on the lock screen. Making it bigger or smaller depending on the size you prefer to have on your lock screen.

Unlock Effect – You can also change the animation effect of unlocking your device.

These and more are things you can add to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Lock screen. That is if you choose to. Alternatively, you can decide to leave the lock screen plain and simple. But if you choose to customize your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 lock screen, which I’ll advice you do. Then this is how to go about it.

How To Customize Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Lock Screen

⚫ Make sure your phone is Turned On.

⚫ Head over to the Settings Menu.

⚫ Scroll Down To Lock Screen.

⚫ Here you will see all the available lock screen options that can be added to your lock screen. You can then choose the ones you would like on your Lock Screen.


Being able to customize the lock screen of any device is something I love. You get to add tons of stuff you need most on a daily basis to the lock screen for easy access. Like the weather forecast which helps you keep track of the weather. With just a tap, you can see it on your lock screen.

Go ahead and customize Samsung Galaxy Note 8 lock screen to your taste.

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