How to customize the Podcasts app on your iPhone


Although some countries have not yet achieved the importance and recognition they deserve, podcasts continue to grow in audience because they constitute an ideal format to increase our knowledge, keep us informed or simply entertain us in all types of topics and also do it anytime, anywhere, without depending on schedules. Therefore, if you are just starting with the Podcasts app in your iPhone or iPad, you will be interested in knowing how to customize your settings to benefit from the best possible experience.

Customizing Podcasts

The Apple Podcasts application, already available for the Watch with watchOS 5, has a series of settings that allow us to choose which episodes to download to listen to offline, or adjust the range of the advance or the backward in an episode to skip those parts that do not interest us, among others.
  1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device
  2. Scroll down and select the Podcasts section
  3. In the section “Episode downloads” you can activate the automatic elimination of episodes already listened, in order to free space in your device, as well as choose which episodes you want to download automatically (only new ones, those not played, or none). In addition, you can choose when your list of available new episodes is updated (every hour, every six hours, every day, every week or manually).
  4. If you descend a little further, in the “Forward/rewind buttons” section, you can customize the time range in which an episode moves forward or backward by pressing the corresponding button. You can choose several options between ten seconds and one minute.
  5. And if you use car controls or headphones like AirPods, you can also customize if you use their controls to move forward or backward in the episode you’re listening to or to play the next or previous episode.

Also, as you may have seen in the first screenshots, you can also activate the options:

  • Synchronize podcasts, to keep your listeners synchronized between all your devices.
  • Only download over Wi-Fi, to avoid scares in your data rate.
  • Continuous playback, so that when an episode ends, the next available episode automatically starts playing


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