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How To Decide Between Buying A Brand New Or Fairly Used Smartphone

A brand new smartphone purchase can offer you tough choices – You see yourself wondering if you should get Android or iOS, brand new or used. The questions will not stop coming, but it seems the difficult one that takes time to be answered is whether you should pay for a new mobile device or fairly used one. Smartphones cost a lot especially the ones from Apple.

While Android phones are pocket-considerate compared to iPhones, you still pay good money for a new phone, which explains why customers prefer a used one. So the question is whether that is the wise decision. Should you go for a brand new or used one? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both?

Brand New Vs. Fairly Used

Purchasing brand new and fairly used phones have their own benefits and downsides. You pay a lot to get a new one, but the benefit is that your phone comes with no issues. The disadvantage is surely the high price it’ll go for, potentially having more bills to settle.

If the high-cost matters to you, fairly used smartphones are the preferred choice. Generally speaking, a flagship mobile device can be gotten, like an iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X for about half its original cost for a new one. The good thing is that you save a few quid and still possess a brilliant smartphone. The disadvantage is that it can develop issues at any time.

Having said that, the decision between a new device and a fairly used one is basically dependent on the money you have in hand and the cash you are willing to pay for a phone. However, it saves the price when you purchase from a buyer-protected mobile device website like Swappa.

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What To Expect From Fairly Used Phones

Purchasing fairly used phones save your money, but you must be cautious with any purchase. You will want to avoid sites like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist for smartphone buying because you might end up with a blacklisted device, counterfeit phone or a device that is locked to a particular carrier.

Focus on websites like Swappa or eBay where potential buyers like yourself are more safeguarded from heartless phone sellers or fraudsters.

Also, ensure that the hardware you are going for is apt. Swappa does not condone sellers selling thrash on their website, but you need to be aware of things like battery replacements. If its an iPhone you desire, request sellers to take a pic of the Battery Life remaining in the phone. If its less than 80%, it is expected that you will need to churn out cash very soon to Apple for a battery replacement, so that is certainly a mobile device you want to stay away from or negotiate really well for. Ensure you receive detailed images of that phone to be certain of what you are buying.

Android Devices

Android phones are harder. It is difficult to view how much Battery Life is remaining if it has been used for one year or more, you can expect to have it replaced soon. If the device has a removable battery, you can do the replacement yourself.

The older an Android phone gets, the more sluggish it becomes. This is because of its weak software support by most manufacturers. However, flagship devices like Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8, Note 8, or LG G7 ThinQ are safe options. Companies normally concentrate on flagship devices, so your hardware last a long time, and your software is supported for some years too.

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