How To Disable Autocorrect On Android?


Autocorrect on an Android phone is a comfortable and modern feature, but at times, it can be frustrating and annoying instead of being helpful.

Depending on the way you write, the prediction of your words can be off point and that can simply prolong an easy task.

Fortunately, Autocorrect is not a must. You can just deactivate it.

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What Are The Benefits Of Disabling Autocorrect?

There are advantages to turning Autocorrect off. It could be that you are always typing several names or that your preferred, latest vernacular is one that Android’s built-in dictionary knows nothing about yet. All this and more can render Autocorrect useless.

Disabling Autocorrect is also useful if you are comfortable with 2 languages and repeatedly switch between languages as you type.

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How Can I Disable Autocorrect On Android?

Autocorrect settings are specific to every keyboard software or application you use, which includes the default Gboard. Even if the autocorrect options are deep in a keyboard’s settings, every keyboard can be used from the same sub-menu.

For the sake of this tutorial, we will use Gboard, but you should be aware of where you need to diverge if the keyboard you intend to turn off is different.

Also note that when autocorrect is disabled, the default Android keyboard (Gboard) will continue to provide correction suggestions at the top of the keyboard, but it will not swap in a predicted correction when a space is added after a word. Rather, the word will be left anyhow it is typed by you.

  1.  Launch the Settings application.
  2.  Click System > Languages & input > Virtual keyboard.
  3. You will notice a list of every installed keyboard, which includes default installations. Click Gboard, or any keyboard you intend to disable autocorrect for.
  4. Click Text correction.
  5. Swipe down to the Corrections section and click Auto-correction to ensure it is toggled off.
  6. You are done.


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