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How To Disable Frustrating Amber Alerts & Emergency Broadcasts on Your Android?

Just so things could be in line with the FCC Standard, Android recently included an “Emergency broadcasts” feature that will ensure your mobile phone alerts you anytime a possible safety threat or Amber alert is posted to your location. It doesn’t matter if your device is set to silent, these emergency alerts will make your phone make a loud and sharp sound when a possible threat is close by.

But several people already have their own way of finding out about emergency situations. Plus, lots of these notifications actually happen when the matter is not as life-threatening as an urgent thunderstorm warning.

So for any reason, if you want these notifications gone, I will break down how you can deactivate them.

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How Can I Disable Emergency Alerts On My Android Phone?

Samsung owners must know that they cannot deactivate every alert at once. But for several Android models, if you do not want your device to beep in a loud manner during an emergency situation, you simply have to deactivate an option.

Go to Android’s Settings, choose “Apps and notifications” then click “Advanced” and select “Emergency alerts.” Right there, deactivate the toggle close to “Allow alerts” to turn off all kinds of emergency broadcast messages. Be aware that this has nothing to do with presidential alerts, as that cannot be deactivated on any phone without root.

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How Can I Disable Individual Kinds Of Emergency Alerts?

If you fancy being alerted about specific emergency situations, but will not like your device to power off in cases that are not so serious, there are a couple of ways to get this done but it depends on the kind of device you own.

For several Android phones, go to Settings –> Apps & notifications –> Advanced –> Emergency alerts. Right there, you can just deactivate the toggle close to any kind of alert that you want to stop receiving.

Deactivating the “Amber alerts” will prevent notifications when a kid goes missing or an old person is nowhere to be found.

Out of the next 3 options, “Severe threats” and “Public safety messages” are not that vital, so turn them off and keep “Extreme threats” ticked to get notification for only the most important things.

Lastly, deactivate “Required monthly” and “State and local tests” to ensure you no longer receive notifications that just serve to test the emergency broadcast system.

If you are making use of a Samsung Galaxy phone on One UI, these particular settings are difficult to locate. To begin, get into the “Messages” application.

From the Messages application, click menu and choose “Settings.” After that, go to “Emergency alerts settings” and you will be shown options that will aid you to alter how you will get notifications for these alerts. But because you intend to deactivate these alerts, click “Emergency alerts” at the top of your display, then deactivate the toggle switches close to any kind of alert you are tired of.

Like I said before, if you just want notification for the most vital issues, you can turn “Amber alerts” and “Severe alerts” off, while you spare “Extreme alerts” to know when there is an earthquake, tsunami and other scary stuff.

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