How To Download A Video From Gmail On Your iPhone Or Android Device?

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How To Download A Video from Gmail On Your iPhone Or Android Device?

Emails have attachments and some of them might include videos. With cloud services, Google has simplified the process of sending even larger clips through email. You can even download/save the attached clips to your iPhone or Android device.

This can be done through a browser, however, it is simpler to do it through the Gmail application. Below is all you need to know about the download process. Just install the app and let us start with the instructions to adhere to:

How To Download a Video from Gmail On Your iPhone?

  • Emails with a video come with a “Click to Download” option. You will find no video preview inside the Gmail smartphone application, but it is accessible with the email client on your PC.
  • Tap “Click to Download” and choose a browser from the pop-up window. You will be directed to a cloud location where the clip is saved temporarily. Pls, note that this is only needed if the attached clip is too large for a normal email.
  • To see download options, click “Share” in the browsing bar. You can decide to save the file to Dropbox or in Line Keep, have it sent to CloudApp, or send it through AirDrop. Email-ready videos can be downloaded straight into the camera roll. Click on the file to open it in the preview window. Then, choose “Save,” the first one close to the video title. You will also be shown the option to save the clip to Google Drive or send it to other destinations like Files through the share button, which can be found on the far right.

How To Download a Video from Gmail On Your Android?

The method of downloading a clip from Gmail on Android is identical to that of the iPhone. Once more, open the email, choose the video file, and tap “Download” to save the clip to the Gallery. This is if the clip is sent as an attachment.

If you receive it as part of a message, this is all you have to do. Choose “View video,” click it, then choose “More” by clicking on the 3 vertical dots. Select “Save” from the More menu and you are ready to go.

Be aware that if the clip is extra-large, downloading it through cloud services is necessary.

How Can I Send A Clip Through GMail?

Sending a clip through Gmail on your smartphone is simple. For this tutorial, let’s highlight the iPhone method, but the instructions are almost the same on Android phones

  1. Launch the Photos application and navigate to the clip you wish to send. For fast access, choose “Videos” below Media Types.
  2. Click on the clip you wish to send and tap “Share” at the bottom left. Choose the Gmail app from the carousel menu below the AirDrop option.

You are instantly directed to “Compose email” and the clip automatically gets attached to the message. You just have to choose the recipient and enter your message. If you use several Gmail accounts, click on “From” and select another account from the pop-up window.

Be aware that the video size is a factor here. Anyone that is more than 25MB has to be sent through Google mail cloud service. Make use of an online video compression service to make it appear smaller before sending the clip. You do not have to bother about the quality because a lot of it will be retained after compression.


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