How to download and install apps not available in your country

Google Play Apps Not Available In Country
Google Play Apps Not Available In Country

If you want to download an application from Google Play that is not available in your country, there are several ways to do it, which we will show you in this guide.

In Google Play, we find many applications available, which can be counted in millions. Among these applications, there are certainly some that interest you, but it may happen that the one you want to download is not available in your country—an annoying situation, but one that has several solutions.

We can download Android applications from Google Play which are not available in our country. This allows you to have any application of your interest available on your phone. We tell you all the methods we have available to make this possible.

How to download apps from Google Play that are not available in your country

The Google Play Store is not the only application store that we can use on an Android phone. We can use other stores when we want to download applications, such as Huawei Gallery or Galaxy Store, among others. It may be that on these sites, this application in question is available, and we can download it.

On the other hand, there are alternative sites to the official Google store. In these databases, we can resort to downloading the file in APK format. Normally the free applications will have already been shared in these stores, making it easier for us to download to our phone. Although there are no guarantees, this will sometimes be the case, as some APK files are not always shared.

Whether we will find the APK on an alternative site depends a lot on the popularity of that application on Google Play. It may take some time since this app is available in the official store before its APK reaches other stores.

You may have friends in other countries, where you can download this application. In that case, you will have to ask those friends to extract the APK of the application in question, for which there are extremely useful tools. In this way, you will only have to send said APK by post or using apps like Telegram, and you will be able to install it on your Android phone. This option can help.

We can also resort to online forums, where there are other users on Android, and the applications are shared. Surely in these forums, there are people in whose country that application is available on Google Play, and they will be able to extract the APK to share it. Same procedure as in the previous case.

In the case of forums, being people, you don’t know might be less reliable because someone can send you a malicious or fake APK. Fortunately, you can always check if an APK in question is fake, thanks to a few tools. This way, you can install this application on your phone, even if you don’t use Google Play.

APK Pure

If any of these previous options didn’t work,  we could turn to APK Pure. It is an application repository for Android, where we can find applications that are not normally available in our country on Google Play. This repository has a huge number of applications, as well as being a safe option to consider.

Although you have to consider something, even if we manage to download said application or game in question,  there is no guarantee that it will work in your country. Sometimes, even if we download it, it won’t work. To use APK Pure, the steps to follow are:

  • Go to the Google Play Store.
  • Find the application or game file you want to download in your case.
  • Copy the URL to find out the ID of the app in question.
  • Paste the app URL into the search box on the Pure Apk page.
  • Click download.
  • Fill out the captcha.
  • Wait for APK Pure to tell you which site the app can be downloaded from.

This method can work very well as it will inform us on how to access said application in a fairly simple way. So APK Pure is a good way to find those applications on Google Play that are blocked in our country and to be able to download them on Android.


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