How To Download Torrents Straight To Your Android Phone?

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Torrenting a file is faster than a direct download, especially if you intend to download a huge file rapidly. You will also not need to download it again from the beginning if the connection fails.

Several Windows users use torrenting, but there are Android applications that can be used to download torrent files.

This tutorial will break down how you can download torrented files straight to your Android device, and which torrent applications are the most appropriate.

What Can Be Downloaded With A Torrent Application?

Before you begin to download torrent files to your mobile device, you must know the files that can be opened. You will be able to download files from any torrent, but an Android device cannot open them all.

For instance, if an EXE file is downloaded, it will stay in “downloads,” but the system will not detect it. The reason for this is that EXE is a Windows executable file. Meanwhile, if your torrent is filled with several MP3 music files, playing them will be possible.

However, any file can be moved or copied from your torrent client to other devices, using several sharing methods. For instance, an EXE file can be downloaded on Android and copied to your Personal Computer through USB or via cloud sharing.

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How Can I Download Torrents To Android?

Before downloading torrents, you need to set up the right conditions.

1. Use Wi-Fi

Downloading Torrent files will surely use up a lot of bandwidth. If your cellular has restricted package, the cost might be enormous.

Before you begin your download, ensure you are linked to a Wi-Fi network. In several torrent applications, it is possible to toggle an option to prevent all downloads if the phone is not linked to a Wi-Fi network.

2. Download And Install Torrent App

Even if it is known as a tool for copyrighted files, torrent clients are not illegal. Lots of people make use of them to comfortably share freeware or their personal files. You can locate various torrent clients on the Play store for no cost.

Some of these well-known torrent applications are:

1. uTorrent:

This is a well-known torrent client on all devices. You will decide on your download location and you can activate an option for just Wi-Fi downloads.

2. BitTorrent:

This application works like uTorrent, and they both have one developer. It aids the promotion of legal content that you can get without paying a dime.

3. Flud:

This is a dependable torrent client with a straightforward UI. It supports huge files and RSS feeds. Plus, it possesses an excellent magnet link support that can detect magnet links from your browser. Its UI suits tablets and you will be able to download various themes.

4. FrostWire:

This app possesses in-built torrent search engine, music player, media library, and several other fun extras. If any torrent possesses various files in it, you will be able to select which one you wish to download.

5. LibreTorrent:

This app is not widely known as the others but it is efficient and easy to use. It does the simple things right.

When you locate a torrent application that you like in the Google Play Store, simply click “Install” and hold on for the application to install.

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3. Download Torrent Files From Torrent Sites

Now that you have access to an application that detects torrent files, you will be able to locate torrents by yourself, with your browser.

If you are uncertain about where to begin, simply enter “torrent” in your search engine and view the sites that will come up first. Select one, and in the search bar, enter the name of the file you wish to download.

Select a torrent with a decent number of seeders and then download it. When it is opened, it will load in the torrent client application and it will begin to download to where you want it stored.

You will be able to alter the download destination in “Settings” of every application. The most appropriate place to download torrent files is where you’ve got enough space, like in a memory card.


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