How to download Twitter videos on Android in a simple way

Download Twitter Videos
Download Twitter Videos

Videos are an increasingly important part of the experience of using Twitter. That’s why today we’re going to show you how to download Twitter videos on your Android device in a very simple way. It also help you to download gifs.

Videos, an increasingly important part of the Twitter experience

Videos are one of the most powerful communication tools today. The unstoppable YouTube boom allowed this format to be transferred to other social networks, either with direct rivals such as Dailymotion or Vimeo or with platforms such as FacebookInstagram or Snapchat. Facebook itself now has Facebook Watch and IGTV, which are dedicated video services that go beyond being a mere option in the main feed.

In the case of Twitter, you can see a very strong bet for live video. Due to this, in your day we teach you to watch Twitter videos in a floating window, to be able to watch videos while you continue to tweet. However, this does not mean giving a side to videos on demand or, of course, to the increasingly popular gifs. And all this can benefit users, finding very interesting content through the social network of the bird.

At this point, it is possible to find a video or a gif that interests to such extent that you want to download it. Normally platforms do not provide the means to do this. In the past, we have taught you how to download the WhatsApp status and download YouTube videos. Also to download videos from IGTV and Instagram. So today it’s time to teach you how to download Twitter videos on Android in a very simple way.

How to download Twitter videos on Android in a simple way

With a free application called, very appropriately, Download Twitter Videos, you can download videos from Twitter very easily. The process? You can see it in the following video:

Tremendously simple Simply open Twitter and find a tweet with a video or gif that you want to download. Then, you must use the Share button and select the Share option with an external app. Touch then select Download Twitter Videos and the app will automatically open with the link pasted. Press the Download button and after a few seconds, the operation will be completed. You can open the video from the app or from your favorite file browser.

Download Twitter Videos – Twitter video downloader from the Google Play Store


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