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How To Download & Use Kik On Your Windows 10 Computer

If you are not aware, there are lots of messaging apps out there for mobile phones and desktop use. Telegram and WhatsApp, for instance, need a user’s phone number to work, but with the new Kik messenger, it is quite different.

Kik can be used on iOS, Android, Windows mobile devices, and Amazon devices, and if you are searching for cross-platform messaging, like from your mobile device to your desktop PC, it can be done easily as well. For those that wish to use Kik on PC, be aware that it is possible to enjoy the platform on your desktop or laptop anytime you want. See How To Download & Use Kik On Your Windows 10 Computer:

How Can I Get Kik On My Mobile Device?

The first thing to do is download and install Kik on your mobile device and get your account set up. Adhere to these instructions:

  • Head to Google Play Store, the Apple app store, Windows store, or Amazon’s app store to get the Kik messaging app. Not to worry, it is free.
Download Kik Windows 10 Computer
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  • After it is downloaded and installed, launch the Kik application. After that, click on the sign-up button to create your Kik account. Type in all the needed info and make a Kik username.
Download Kik Windows 10 Computer
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  • After that, the Kik welcome screen will be visible, and will be able to “Find Friends” and choose “Not Now.” This will be your call. Kik will then send you an immediate message to welcome on board and thank you for using their application.
  • The message you get from the Kik Team allows you to know if you have any questions, you can simply message them back and a response would be provided.
  • Kik will then prompt you to set a profile photo, do that.
Download Kik Windows 10 Computer
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Now that you are done installing the Kik messaging app on your mobile phone, we can expatiate on how to get it installed on your personal computer.

Install Andy – Android Emulator:

You can use Kik messenger from a PC by heading to the Andy site. Just download Andy, an Android emulator, and all that will be required is a Google account. Download a copy of Andy here right now and be aware that it might be your go-to emulator on your computer since it aids complete access to not just Kik messenger, but other Android apps too. Adhere to these instructions:

  • Download and install Andy on your computer. This tutorial is focusing on Windows 10, however, it is also available for Windows 7 and 8. It works with Mac too, for OS X 10.8 or later.
  • As soon as Andy is downloaded, double-click on the file to install it on your PC. The progress of the installation will be visible on the screen.
  • After the installation process ends, launch the Andy app by double-clicking on “Start Andy.”
  • After that, lots of screens will appear to introduce you to the Android emulator, Andy.
  • When that is over with, you will need to sign in to your Google account with your account details. Tap “Google Play Store” much as you would install a fresh application on your smartphone.
  • After that, you will be led to sign in to your existing Google account, or register a new one. Check the sign-in procedures and accept Google Play’s terms and conditions. Once that is done, you would be in the Google Play Store.

Install Kik In Andy On Your PC:

Download Kik Windows 10 Computer
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  • Search for “Kik” using the search bar. The app would immediately be visible among the search results.
  • You will be directed to the page to install the Kik messaging application. Tap the green “Install” button.
  • The installation process will be shown on your desktop screen, inside Andy.
  • Once Kik is installed, it will be seen as the Kik application is shown on your mobile phone. The login details used to set you up with Kik when it was installed on your smartphone will be needed.
Download Kik Windows 10 Computer
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  • After logging in to Kik, your Kik messenger will be visible the same way it is seen on an Android device. The Kik app can still be used on your computer, even if you have downloaded and set it up on iOS, a Windows phone, or an Amazon mobile phone. Your account info to log into the app is all that is required.

That is that.

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