How To Dry A Wet Phone?


It is terrible when your phone falls in a pool of water.

It could be the toilet, sink, or even the drum storing the water you use to bathe, none is preferable, they are just terrible.

Luckily for you though, a wet phone is not the end of the device.

Adhere to the instructions in his tutorial and you will surely bring your phone back to life.

Just be ready to act fast.

The vital thing is for you to not waste any time. Remove the device instantly from the liquid it fell in and keep reading this tutorial to know how you can rescue it.

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How To Rescue Your Phone From A Watery Death?

  1. Remove The Device From The Water ASAP The longer the device stays in the water, the more damaged it will be. Ensure you do not remove the device from water if it is plugged into an outlet, because that can result in an electric shock. Rather, disconnect the power to bring it out, without damaging your body in the process.
  2. Power Off Your Device Do not power ON a phone that is still wet. It might seem like it is working, but it is not safe for the phone. Keep the device off until it is completely dry. Also, do not shake the device to get rid of as much water as possible, it can have a negative effect on the interior components by making the water circulate.
  3. Break Your Phone Down I am not telling you to smash it against a wall. I mean, disassemble it. Get the case removed, disconnect headphones, charging plugs, memory card, SIM card, battery, back cover, and so on.
  4. Use Paper Towels You can use it to remove excess moisture to ensure the phone covers are dry. Soft cloths can work here too if you do not own paper towels. Place the device on top of them as you remove the battery cover and battery.
  5. Blow Now you will need a vacuum, blower, or your personal breath to get rid of the water from every corner of the device.
  6. Focus On The Outside First As you blow or vacuum the water from your device, get a dry paper towel or soft cloth and smoothly wipe away the amount of water that should be off its surface. Yes, you should be concerned about the water inside, but the one outside can go inside as well, so they have to go as well.
  7. Rice This is important. Get your phone submerged in a bowl of uncooked instant for 2 to 3 days.

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Instant Rice Alternatives

If you do not have uncooked rice close to you, it is not the end of the world. There are other alternatives that will not require the use of rice.

As soon as the device is taken out of the water and dismantled, ensure you wipe down the interior components and keep them to dry for at least 2 days.

Keeping your phone under 4 cups of one of below agents can fasten the process of your device drying up completely:

  1. Silica Gel Packets
  2. Desiccant Packets
  3. Kitty Litter
  4. Instant Oatmeal
  5. Couscous Pearls

1. Silica Gel Packets Using Silica gel packets rather than instant rice can get the job done. Ensure the silica gel packet, your device and the disassembled battery are placed in an appropriate container. Then let the device sit for about 2 to 3 days to afford the gel enough time to absorb any leftover liquid in your device.
2. Desiccant Packets Synthetic desiccant packets and silica gel packets are alike. You can find them in a package of beef jerky, some electronic devices, and shoe boxes. Get them ordered now via any online outlet of your choice.
3. Cat Litter Simply cover your device with four cups (950 mL) of crystal cat litter. They can be found at several grocery stores and pet-supply shops. It is quite costly but if you have a cat as pet, it is possible that there are some litter at your disposal already. Crystal cat litter is made of silica gel, so it is so absorbent. It is amazing for getting rid of moisture in a water-affected device.
4. Instant Oatmeal This is a brilliant way to get moisture out of a wet device. It has to be instant oatmeal precisely, because steel-cut oats are not that absorbent. Another thing to note is that the instant oatmeal should be without flavour so you do not get extra additives into your device. Flavorless Instant Oatmeal can be seen at any local grocery store of your choice. But be ready for a device covered with tiny, bits of oatmeal dust.
5. Couscous Pearls Couscous is a kind of crushed and dried wheat grain that can be used to dry your device. The little, dry grains will work like silica beads or instant oatmeal to get rid of the water within. They can be bought at any grocery store or market. It absorbs superbly and will not leave any stain on your phone. Make sure it has no flavour or seasoning.


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