How To Enable Wi-Fi Calling On Your Phone

WiFi Calling
WiFi Calling

Have you ever been in a place where your cellular network is weak or out-of-range? Such a situation can be annoying especially if you need to place an urgent phone call. Fret no more, because you’ve found the answer – Wi-Fi calling. Wi-Fi calling is a feature that allows your phone to make and receive phone calls and messages over a Wi-Fi network.

For Android OS

To set up this feature on your Android smartphone, follow the steps below:

  • First open the Settings app on your phone and navigate to Wireless and Network Settings.
  • Click on More or More Networks as the case may be.
  • Next, enable the Wi-Fi Calling option.

And that’s it! You can also set your Wi-Fi calling preferences. This makes your phone to use a Wi-Fi network if available for calling instead of a cellular network. To do this:

  • Tap on the Wi-Fi Calling option under the Wireless and Network settings as described above.
  • Next, tap on Connection preferences.
  • Finally, select the Wi-Fi preferred option from the list.

For iPhones

You can also do this on your iPhone – although you need to be running iOS 8 or later. To enable Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone, follow the steps below:

  • First, launch the Settings app and navigate to Wi-Fi Calling under Calls. Toggle on the Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone option. And you are done.

  • Also ensure that you tap the “Update Emergency Address” option and make sure that your cellular carrier has the correct address. Whenever you dial an emergency number like 911 over a Wi-Fi network, your emergency address should associate with the call.


This feature would come in handy particularly in situations where you there is weak cellular network in your location, but a strong Wi-Fi network is available.

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