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How to enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy A70

Today we will talk about one of the most important procedures and that is how to access the Recovery mode or recovery mode on the Samsung Galaxy A70. If you want to perform a full reset of your Samsung Galaxy A70, hard reset, or clear the Dalvik cache, this guide will help you.

If your phone is acting strange and not working properly or if your phone has been infected with malware, entering Recovery Mode is just what you need to solve all the problems your smartphone has.

Recovery Mode is an independent runtime environment, available in a partition separate from the main Android operating system installed and cannot be uninstalled on all Android devices.

How to enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy A70

  • Initially, turn off your Samsung Galaxy A70.
  • Now, hold the volume up button, then turn on your Samsung Galaxy A70 by holding the power button for a while.
  • When you see the Samsung logo on the phone screen, release the buttons.
  • Don’t panic if you see the Android logo with the text “No command”. Wait a moment
  • Your Samsung Galaxy A70 device has now entered Recovery Mode.

Important things to note when entering Recovery mode

  • Use the Volume Up and Down buttons to move through the menus
  • Use the power button to confirm and you’re done

These above are the steps to access Recovery mode or recovery mode on your Samsung Galaxy A70.

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