How to Factory Reset LG V40 ThinQ – Best Ways

lg v40 thinq review 4881 640x640
lg v40 thinq review 4881 640x640

There are two ways to carry out this action; you can either use the Reset action within the ‘Settings’ menu, or you can get into the recovery mode and then perform the action. Whichever you go for, it clears the device internal memory systematically, it also removes all third-party games, apps, downloads, and any other files.

It is vital for you to be certain about some troubleshooting actions before performing any fixes. Performing a factory reset/hard reset is normally used when you are certain of troubleshooting. Definitely, over the time, the performance will reduce, and this happens due to various reasons. It might be because of low internal memory space, extreme cache memory or some contaminated applications might resist your device to run appropriately. In such cases, you can carry out a hard reset on your device to wipe all such difficult files or applications right away. That will immediately improve performance and steadiness of your device.

How to factory reset LG V40 ThinQ

You can either perform this process through the Reset option in the Settings menu or use the recovery mode to get this action done. If you’re able to boot and visit the Settings menu, then follow the below procedure.

The following instructions should assist you to factory reset your device:

  1. Click on the Settings menu on your device.
  2. Click on the General tab or Additional setting.
  3. Now, you need to look for Backup and Reset option then click on it.
  4. Click on ‘Factory data reset.’
  5. And lastly, click on ‘Reset phone.’

That’s how you can effortlessly hard reset on your device using the Settings menu. This might take some minutes to finish, and your device might reboot.

That should wipe all the third-party games/apps and other stuff entailing the cache files.

Now, what if you cannot turn ON your device? There’s still another way to do the hard reset to correct these problems.

How to reset LG V40 ThinQ using the recovery mode

This device comes with a version of the recovery mode that lets users carry out a factory reset only. If you notice that your device is stuck at the boot logo or the above method is not useful to you, then the recovery mode could assist you.

Follow the below solution to carry out a factory reset using the recovery mode on your device:

  1. Turn OFF your device using the Power button. Just press and hold the Power Button until it is turned off.
  2. Then enter into the recovery mode on your phone.
  3. Beneath the recovery menu, click on the factory reset and carry out this action.
  4. Once this action is done, then exit this mode.

Now, your device should reboot and take you to the home screen. You may need to enter your Google account information to configure and set up your device. Now, it should have removed all the issues you were encountering.

In case you have any question we would be glad to answer your questions.


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