How to Find and Add Citations in Google Docs

When you are writing papers, you need to make a detailed list of all the sources you’ve cited in your article and make sure they’re accurate. You can easily find citations and add them to all your research papers with Google Docs. Read on to learn more.

Launch your browser and go to Google Docs.

Next up, open a document.

At the bottom of the window close to the right side, you should see the “Explore” icon. Click on it to open up a panel on the right side of the screen.

You can also press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I if you are on Windows or Chrome OS to open the panel. If you are on macOS, press Cmd+Option+Shift+I to get it done.

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Explore is kind of like the Google Assistant of Google Docs. When you launch the tool, it parses your document for related topics. This makes web searches and images you can add in Docs appear even much quicker.

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If the Explore tool finds related topics in your documents, it will display them as suggestions as soon as you open the Explore panel.

If it doesn’t find any related topics in your document, you can enter exactly what you are searching for into the search bar and then press the Enter key to search the web manually.

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Click the three vertical dots on the panel. Different styles of citations will appear. Select whichever one you want to use. The options include MLA, APA and Chicago styles.

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Now, to select the style of citation you want to use, click “more.”

Next, click on the style you want from the ones provided.

Now, you need to highlight the text—or place the text cursor— wherever you wish to add a citation to.

Hover your mouse over the search result in the Explore panel.

Click on the “Cite as footnote” icon that appears on the screen.

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Now, Docs will automatically number the citation at the cursor and cite the link in a footnote of the page in the style of citation you selected.

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Now, you can go on to add as many citations as you want in your Google Docs document. Follow the steps below for all other citations you wish to add.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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